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Our products

Product category: Knives & grinding machines

CB 42°

Tsukatani offers a wide range of steel cutting rules made of various materials for addressing a variety of user needs, including hard and durable rules and flexible riles suitable for bend-forming. You can find cutting rules best-suited to the material to be punched and purpose of use.

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Product category: Knives & grinding machines

Setting the edge height of half slitter

These cutting tools make a slit halfway through laminated materials consisted of several substrates, particularly back slits in separators (backing paper) for tack paper. Edge height can be adjusted to the thickness of substrates to be processed.

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Product category: Knives & grinding machines

Steel cutting rules Product lineup

Steel cutting rules are used to cut paper, food trays, leather and even films for mobile phones and flat-screen televisions. Through extensive research into ultraprecision grinding, Tsukatani has successfully developed cutting tools that can cut any material with micron-level dimensional accuracy. Tsukatani offers a wide lineup from high-value-added products to general-purpose products.

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About us

Company details

Tsukatani has been developing its own unique technologies and providing high quality products in the ever-growing fields of “cutting” and “punching.” Under the corporate vision of “All technologies are to the benefit of customers,” Tsukatani has those technologies incorporated into our products more promptly by reliable engineers and strives to develop ideal, never-before-seen cutting blades that create a more comfortable manufacturing environment for all customers.

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