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Product category: Equipment for the pre-treatment of substrates, Flame pre-treatment systems and plasma pre-treatment systems

piezobrush® PZ3 - Effective plasma handheld device for manual use

Piezobrush® PZ3 has been designed as a compact plasma handheld device for use in laboratories, predevelopment and assembly of small series. With a maximum power consumption of 18 W, the Piezoelectric Direct Discharge (PDD®) technology is used to generate cold active plasma at a temperature of less than 50°C. Plasma is used to increase the surface energy of many materials with high efficiency, as well as to reduce germs and odors.

Fields of application
◊ Joining technology
◊ Development and optimization of production processes
◊ Research facilities and laboratories
◊ Microbiology, microfluidics and food technology
◊ Medical and dental technology
◊ Prototype and architectural model making
◊ Small-scale production

Possible use cases
◊ Activation and functionalization of surfaces of various materials
◊ Improvement of wettability
◊ Optimization of bonding, painting, printing and coating processes
◊ Surface treatment of plastics, glass, ceramics, metals, semiconductors, natural fibres and composite materials
◊ Ultra-fine cleaning
◊ Germ and odour reduction

Technical data piezobrush® PZ3
  • Electrical connection: 110-240 V / 50-60 Hz
  • Power consumption: max. 18 W
  • Weight: 110 g
  • Design: Handheld unit with plug-in power supply, integrated fan
  • Sound pressure level: 45 dB
  • Plasma temperature: < 50 °C
  • Treatment speed: 5 cm²/s
  • Typical treatment distance: 2 – 10 mm
  • Typical treatment width: 5 – 29 mm

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Product category: Equipment for the pre-treatment of substrates, Flame pre-treatment systems and plasma pre-treatment systems

piezobrush® PZ2-i - the smallest cold active plasma system for industrial plants and production plants

The piezobrush PZ2-i is the optimal plasma system for industrial and production plants, which can be easily integrated into your system. Due to the high reliability, a treatment with cold active plasma 24/7 in your production process is easy and cost-effective possible. The piezobrush PZ2-i can be used in a stationary mounting or in a traversing unit. The piezobrush® is optimized for efficiency and user-friendliness, supplemented by functional nozzle inserts for your application processes. In terms of power consumption, there is no more efficient plasma process on the market for your surface treatment. Cleaner printing, more reliable bonding or effective sterilisation.

Fields of application
  • Laboratory and medical technology
  • Precision mechanics
  • Micromechanics
  • Optics
  • Assembly technology
  • Electronics
  • Inkjet and pad printing
  • Microfilling
  • Microbiology
  • Food and packaging technology
  • Microfluid technology

Possible applications
  • Surface Activation
  • Printing and gluing
  • Wetting behavior of automated processes
  • Germ reduction

  • Operation with compressed air or nitrogen
  • Suitable for almost all materials
  • Cold plasma
  • Easy integration
  • Maximum operating safety
  • Optimal efficiency
  • Trigger via external switching signal
  • Variable exchange nozzles: for special materials and geometries.
The plasma system for industrial plants and production plants is delivered ready for use with control cable and power supply unit. Operation is possible with industrial compressed air via a standardised hose connection. The advantages of the PDD-Technology® (Piezoelectric Direct Discharge) are obvious: Piezoelectric direct discharge is the most efficient excitation technology with maximum active plasma yield. The cold-active plasma process is compatible with any material. The piezobrush® is optimized for efficiency and user friendliness, complemented by functional nozzle inserts for your application processes.

Technical specifications
  • Electrical connection 110 – 240 V / 50 – 60 Hz / 15 V DC
  • Power consumption max. 30 W
  • Weight 180 g
  • Plasmatemperature <50 ° C
  • Typical treatment distance 2 – 10 mm
  • Typical treatment width 5 – 20 mm
  • Design integration unit with gas connection

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Product category: Equipment for the pre-treatment of substrates, Flame pre-treatment systems and plasma pre-treatment systems

plasmabrush® PB3 – High-performance system

Our plasmabrush® PB 3 is a high power plasma system with Pulsed Atmospheric Arc Technology, for applications that require high performance and rapid processes. Perfectly coordinated components in robust industrial design: 19-inch high power voltage supply PS2000 and plasma generator PB3, connected through a flexible 10m cable for easy integration into every facility.

Thanks to many years of experience in arc load dynamics, fluid mechanics and power electronics, we have developed an atmospheric plasma system which is unique concerning its power density and function. Easy integration into industrial processes and ability to communicate were at the focus throughout the entire development of this universally applicable plasma unit.

Whether in precision cleaning or surface activation, whether in coating or sterilization processes: Our plasmabrush® PB3 fits every process environment – secure and reliable.

Field of applications
  • Automotive sector
  • Printers and printing industry
  • Packaging industry

  • Ultrafine cleaning
  • Reduction of oxide layers
  • Surface functionalization
  • Pre-activation for bonding, sealing, casting or printing
  • Coating, laminating and sealing
  • Germ reduction and sterilization

  • Compact Design
  • Easy Integration
  • Suitable for compressed air, nitrogen and other gases
  • Variable Power
  • High start-stop dynamics
  • Maximum operating reliability
Technical information
  • Flow range 25 to 80 L/min
  • Cable length 10 m
  • Weight plasma generator 680 g
  • Diameter plasma generator 32 mm
  • Gas connector 6 mm
  • Treatment speed 0,1 – 2 m/s
  • Typical treatment distance 10 – 25 mm
  • Typical treatment width 15 – 25 mm
Manifold application options for high power plasma systems
Our plasmabrush® can be adapted to fit process requirements spot-on through a wide variety of accessories. Thus, the quality of your processes and products can be optimized at minimal cost. You only use the components you really need. All components are coordinated perfectly and have been through extensive stress tests. This simplifies maintenance and servicing, and availability is ensured on the shortest possible time scale.

We have consciously adapted our high voltage power supply PS2000 to the independent industrial standard of CanOpen, which makes exceedingly reliable communication possible even under the more severe circumstances an industrial environment can bring about.

A great number of sensors or mass flow controllers operate using the same standard. Every prevalent industrial control worldwide provides a suitable interface. Up to 127 devices can be addressed via CAN node. Every PS2000 high power source can be controlled with a simple DIP switch in the address space of 0 to 99.

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Product category: Equipment for the pre-treatment of substrates, Flame pre-treatment systems and plasma pre-treatment systems

plasmacell P300 - Plasma all-in-one system for small to medium-sized components

The Plasmacell is a compact stand-alone plasma system that provides a perfect working environment for simple and efficient plasma treatment of your workpiece. By combining and enclosing a high performance plasma device, a high voltage source and a XYZ robot, you get a semi-automated system that meets all safety guidelines.

The Plasmacell is mainly used in research and industrial development, since the treatment process can be reproduced exactly at any time by robot automation. Thus Plasmacell guarantees a constant quality at all times. In addition, a comprehensive software system is pre-installed, which enables the entire process monitoring.

The versatility of the robust cartesian axis system and the reliability of the plasma generator leave nothing to be desired. The coordinated system sets new standards in economy and quality.

Field of applications
  • Small series and prototype construction
  • Pre-development and development
  • Universities, laboratories and research institutes
  • In-house sampling
  • Automotive sector
  • Industrial, reproducible processes

Possible applications
  • Cleaning of metal, glass and plastics
  • Surface activation and functionalization for optimized wettability
  • Plasma-assisted adhesive bonding
  • Plasma-induced reduction of metal surfaces
  • For small to medium-sized components and batches

  • Can be used immediately without installation effort
  • Partial automation, only sample mounting is done manually
  • Very high work safety
  • Operation with or without external gas connection possible
Thanks to its modularity, the basic system can be flexibly expanded and is consistently optimised for ergonomics and occupational safety. The well proven plasma system plasmabrush PB3 is characterized by low weight and compact design of the plasma head. This allows the full dynamic range of motion to be exploited. The efficient high voltage source PS2000 provides the power for all practical requirements. The system is tested and delivered fully installed: Simply plug and play. All options can be easily upgraded.

The closed cell ensures a clean environment. The exhaust air can be cleaned with an optional filter which makes an external suction device obsolete. Also, you can choose an optional completely autonomous compressed air supply as compact and quiet 19 inch rack. This option makes you independent from a compressed air supply.

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Company news




Apr 8, 2020

relyon plasma presents the world’s smallest plasma handheld device piezobrush® PZ3 with PDD® technology

Relyon plasma based in Regensburg, Germany, a subsidiary of TDK Electronics, presents the world’s smallest and highly effective plasma handheld device piezobrush® PZ3 with PDD® technology. It is used for the simple, efficient and mobile utilization of cold atmospheric pressure plasma for surface treatment of plastics, metals and natural materials. The plasma treatment activates, functionalizes and cleans surfaces. This significantly improves the quality of subsequent processes such as bonding, printing, varnishing or coating.

Regensburg. The piezobrush® PZ3 is a compact plasma handheld device for easy and mobile use in laboratories, pre-development and assembly of small series. With a maximum power consumption of 18 W, the Piezoelectric Direct Discharge (PDD®) technology is used to generate cold active plasma at a temperature of less than 50 °C. The use of plasma has a positive effect on the surface properties of materials which are of vital importance for processing and end use. Users can thus significantly improve not only their workflow and production processes, but also their products.

PDD® Technology enables mobile handheld devices
The heart of the piezobrush® PZ3 is the TDK CeraPlas™ plasma generator, a high-voltage discharge component for plasma generation. It transforms a low input voltage in such a way that very high electric field strengths are generated, which dissociate and ionize the surrounding air. Only the compact design of the PDD® technology makes it possible to integrate atmospheric pressure plasma into such a handheld device.

Increased performance of the device
In general, all materials can be treated with atmospheric pressure plasma from the piezobrush® PZ3, since there is hardly any temperature impact on the material during surface treatment with atmospheric pressure plasma.  This virtually eliminates the risk of over-treatment of materials such as plastics. However, different surfaces have to be activated with the appropriate accessories to achieve a good end result. Two modules are currently available for the piezobrush® PZ3.
The module Nearfield on the other hand is designed for the treatment of conductive materials such as metals, CFRP, indium tin oxide or conductive plastics. Non-conductive materials such as plastics, glass, ceramics or natural materials such as organic fibers, textiles and leather show very good results after plasma treatment with the module Standard. The increased maximum power compared to the previous model allows a treatment speed of 5 cm²/s and a treatment width of up to 29 mm. Even on materials that are very difficult to treat such as high-density polyethylene (HDPE) a surface energy of 72 mN/m can be achieved after plasma treatment.

In comparison to the previous model piezobrush® PZ2, the piezobrush® PZ3 also has an integrated process control of the plasma treatment. The device is equipped with various functions – such as a stopwatch to measure the time, a countdown function to set the time with automatic switch-off function or a power setting by adjusting the plasma intensity. The control is easy and intuitive via the integrated display.

piezobrush® PZ3 offers various application possibilities
Due to its compact design, the piezobrush® PZ3 can be used in a wide range of applications. In a lot of cases, surfaces are functionalized, for example, before bonding with plasma, whereby the following bonds show a significant improvement in the adhesive force. Plasma treatment also improves the adhesion of printing inks and varnishes on the surface, which significantly increases the print quality, as the surface is optimally wetted by the ink and an even print image is created. A further field of application is a plasma pretreatment that removes the finest impurities so that deviations between different material batches can be compensated and a consistently high level of quality is maintained.

The piezobrush® PZ3 will be available on the market from May 2020. In order to test and validate individual processes and applications, samples can be treated in the relyon plasma application laboratory. In addition, relyon plasma offers a loan of the plasma handheld device so that it can be directly included and tested in the respective process.

On 7 May 2020 relyon plasma will present the device in a webinar. All interested parties can register under the following link.

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Relyon plasma offers a wide range of specialized plasma components for manual applications and inline processes. Atmospheric pressure plasmas, which are generated by electrical discharges in air or other gases, have a remarkable combination of properties that allow unique surface treatment. Such plasmas produce large quantities of very reactive but short-lived chemical species. These can disinfect, clean, modify and functionalize a wide range of surfaces, preparing them for bonding, painting and printing.


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