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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 01  prepress / print
  • 01.05  Equipment & systems for printing forme production
  • 01.05.125  Electroplating for gravure cylinders

Electroplating for gravure cylinders

  • 04  future technologies
  • 04.04  Industry 4.0
  • 04.04.080  Process monitoring and control

Process monitoring and control

  • 05  materials
  • 05.07  Chemicals and other additives
  • 05.07.010  Chemicals and products for prepress production phases

Chemicals and products for prepress production phases

  • 05  materials
  • 05.07  Chemicals and other additives
  • 05.07.040  Special consumables for printing – others

Special consumables for printing – others

  • 06  equipment / services / infrastructure
  • 06.01  Peripheral equipment
  • 06.01.385  Doctor blades

Doctor blades

  • 06  equipment / services / infrastructure
  • 06.14  Machine transportation and machine mounting

Machine transportation and machine mounting

Our products

Product category: Special consumables for printing – others


Aufer has for our customers a large stock of consumables for the complete process of electroplating, engraving and polishing.
In galvanic, from degreasing to copper and chrome plating; salts, additives, filters, activators, all developed with the best optimization and security in mind for the client.
Thanks to our experience in the field of polishing, we can offer a wide range of polishing products, such as stones and sandpaper, to obtain the best quality in the finish of your cylinders. We have a wide range of grains and measures to be able to adapt to your needs.

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Product category: Electroplating for gravure cylinders


ALLSERVICES AUFER represents exclusively one of the most recognized brands in engraving tools. Our supplier is a global operating company headquartered in the south of the Netherlands, specializing in single-use diamond tools and in the repair (RELAP) of HELL and OHIO diamond engraving tools.

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Product category: Electroplating for gravure cylinders


AUFER is a distributor of milling tools for the machining of gravure cylinders. Our supplier develops its PCD (polycrystalline diamond) tools and support systems for Polishmaster, Polishstar, Duostar and CFM. We offer single-use tools and also the sharpening service for all PCD tools on the market, reliable and with convincing quality. The development of technically advanced products at affordable prices is part of our company philosophy.

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About us

Company details

AUFER SOLUTIONS is a dynamic and flexible company, born to help the graphic arts industry, galvanic industry and metal industry, providing our customers a wide range of solutions and services according to their needs, such as technical service, spare parts and consumables. Our experience of many years working in the industry, let us to have a good knowledge of the market and grow good relations with our customers.

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