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Product category: Hot stamping foils, stamping foils

Lens Hot Stamping Foil

The “lens” effect is a new holographic effect with unique biconvex 3D visual effects, which can greatly enrich the value of products or packaging. Light groove lens hot stamping foil and other hot stamping foil are available.

Description & Features:
1. Multiple choices with various of lens size & reasonable design
2. Widely applied with printing design to achieve specific identification effect

1.  Lens can be extended 3mm when stamping
2. Color: Standard stamping color (silver, gold, red, transparent), special customized color .

So far, light groove lens are commonly used in tobacco, alcohol and cusmetics packaging.

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Product category: Hot stamping foils, stamping foils

Decoration Holographic Stamping Foil

Decoration holographic stamping foil is popular and standard laser pattern hot stamping foil.

1. Decorative design without logo information
2. Wallpaper design without positioning cursor
3. Match stamping without registration requirement.
4. Decorated letters and pattern  to make packaging more shining

1. Excellent brightness and exquisite hologram
2. Advanced shim line processing solution to get perfect pattern visual effect
3. Wide selection of wallpaper patterns for the graphics and packaging industries
4. Great stamping performance

1. Specification: 630mm x 120m, or customized specification is available
2. Roll Inner Core size: 1 inch or 3 inch
3. Base film: PET, 12 micron or 15 micron thickness for options

1. Widely applied for food, alcohol, cosmetic, cigarette packaging and greeting card, shopping bag packaging and etc.
Match the application of different substrate material, such as paper and plastic.

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Product category: Hot stamping foils, stamping foils

Registered Hologram Hot Stamping Foil

Customized registered holographic hot stamping foil belongs to holographic hot stamping foil, which can meet various customized logo requirement. The registered hot foil stamping with positioning cursor will show with perfect stamping effect.

1. Individual logo pattern design                                                                                                    
2. Positionins cursor function: the positioning cursor on both sides or single side, can be chosed as specific stamping requirement.
3. For registered stamping application, the hologram will be stamped onto the exact position on the printed object.

1. Exquisite hologram design leads to strong security result.
2. High precision registration gives rise to perfect stamping result.
3. Meet high speed automatic stamping requirement.
4. Hologram is showed with very clean, high brightness.

1. Specification: Customized as the layout and stamping need
2. Roll inner core size: 1 inch or 3 inch
3. Base film: PET with 12 micron, 15 micron or 19 micron thickness for options
4. Colors: Gold or silver for choice 

Highly recommended to apply on confidential documents, ID identification, brand security packaging, tickets, and etc.

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About us

Company details

HG Image (Wuhan Huagong Image Technology & Development Co.,Ltd) is a leading hologram manufacturer since built in 1990. It is the key subsidiary of the public company HG Tech (stock code: 000988). With the world advanced holographic techniques and comprehensive security technique, HG Image has been a famous brand in security hologram industry of China for 20 years. A lot of holographic security label products and packaging solutions offered by HG Image, have been exported worldwide successfully. 

As the industrial base of National Anti-counterfeit Engineering Research Center, HG Image has strong support on the R&D and owns its proprietary security technologies. HG Image is the formal member of IHMA (International Hologram Manufactures Association, member number:980), and also the Vice President of China Trade Association for Anti-Counterfeiting (CTAAC). Any inquiry is welcomed all the time. HG Image holograms would like to help your packaging solutions stand out with better security and attractive identification.

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