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Bernd Dangelmeyr

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Our products

Product category: Embossing formes

Brass stamping dies

Our stamping tools offer an advantage usually only afforded by digital products: an unlimited number of identical copies can be reproduced without any of the unique quality being lost.

We cover the whole spectrum of stamping applications to bring your ideas to life. We offer a variety of different stamping techniques, relief styles and pattern options that create countless opportunities for turning your ideas into reality:
  • Relief stamping
  • Blind embossing
  • Texture stamping
  • Flat stamping
  • MicroEmbossing
  • NanoEmbossing
  • Lenticular stamping
Substrates suitable for stamping are not limited to paper or cardboard. Materials like book covers, linen, leather, plastic, etc. can also be embellished with stamping.

H+M stamping dies are CNC engraved – primarily in brass, sometimes also aluminum or steel.
Our state of the art engraving machines are tuned perfectly to match our requirements so we can manufacture with precision. This guarantees a long life span of the tools and a short set up time for our customers.

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Product category: Embossing formes

NanoEmbossing dies

NanoEmbossing enables the creation of 40% finer patterns than MicroEmbossing. This is opening up almost endless design possibilities:
  • matt / shiny combinations
  • satin finish
  • crystal clear flip flop effects
  • improved security features
  • next to real brushed designs
  • photographic effects

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Product category: Embossing formes

Blind embossing dies

Tools for embossing generate a relief in the paper surface and the stamping is done without foil.
The depth of the stamping depends on the design, substrate type and thickness.
Different relief types are possible : Raised round, raised flat, prismic, single-level, multi-level or sculptured, embossed or debossed.

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Product category: Embossing formes

MicroEmbossing dies

Very fine structures in the stamping die distort the foiled surface of the stamping substrate and create impressive reflective effects. 

They can be combined with all types of stamping dies (flat, emboss, combination die). MicroEmbossing is primarily hot stamped with foil.

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Product category: Embossing formes

Texture dies

A texture is engraved into the surface of the stamping die, which forms the paper 3-dimensionally. The observer can enjoy an optic as well as a haptic effect.

Textures can be stamped with or without foil and can be combined with all types of stamping dies (flat, emboss, combination dies).

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Product category: Embossing formes


The JobSaver system is a fast and easy die mounting system. It is available for use on all leading stamping machines. The hot stamping machine requires a special base plate to take the JobSaver carrier plate.

Dies for the complete layout are pre-registered to the JobSaver carrier plate.
The system allows adjustability in case of printing tolerances or distortion of the printed sheet.
Optionally, the plate can be equipped with the "H+M positioning system" which allows 0.1mm incremental die adjustments in each direction.

The extremely precise JobSaver carrier plate is produced in steel or aluminum, according to the customer order, and replaces the honeycomb of the stamping machine.

The JobSaver system is the perfect solution for reducing set up time, for initial and repeat runs directly on the honeycomb.

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About us

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Flat/flat, round/flat or round/round? Flat stamping, relief stamping, lenticular stamping or MicroEmbossing? Vertical stamping or peripheral rolling processes? The answer is simple: whatever you require.

We are more than a highly specialised service provider and manufacturer; we are a reliable partner for our customers and apply our entire range of expertise to every single project.

The possibilities and processes involved in hotstamping are just as infinite as our creative team’s ideas. These creative minds pour all their experience and enthusiasm into ensuring that your product is perfectly presented.

Creativity and precision unite in a rare combination that benefits our customers in both the graphics and plastics industries. Our stamping tools set the standard in a number of different markets – including the printing, packaging, cosmetics and automotive sectors. Our stamps are often clearly visible, but can also be positioned so as to go unnoticed at first glance.

And our quality guarantee is not limited to our products. There is something else that is even more important: you. You can therefore be absolutely sure of total satisfaction with our consultation services too – from preliminary discussions through to approval of the final stamping tool.

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