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Our products

Product category: Glutine glues

Jelly Glue

Jelly glue is a completely non-toxic, eco-friendly, recyclable and biodegradable protein glue.
High initial tack, non-warp character, fast drying speed, clean running with less string, high flexibility dried film, with excellent performance on automatic machine. Its advantage is to increase the hardness of the paper board; it runs by mechanical production with heating device.

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Product category: Glutine glues

Jelly Glue (Apply for Semi Automatic Line)

Animal Glue or Protein Glue, an adhesive commonly used for Case making is also called Gelatin Glue, Jelly glue or Glutin. It is made of connective tissue and bones and hides of animals.
It is manufactured using animal protein which is obtained by breaking, milling the bones and cooking or boiling the raw-materials. The major characteristics of Protein glue is that it has strong wet tack, strong cohesion power and is hygroscopic in nature.

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Product category: Glutine glues


They have no negative effect, either economic or ecological, on the recycling of paper or cardboard. It provides high tack and speed of bond, flexibility of the film, on-wrap characteristics, good adhesion on difficult substrates, machine clean running, no swelling or waving of paper, zero health risk during operation, as well as biodegradable and highly recyclable.

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About us

Company details

SRIDAL has commited ourself into adhesive solutions to fit all your needs.
Our products can be widely used by customers in printing and packaging industry, woodworking industry, hygiene products making industry, labels and tapes making industry, medical products making industry, waterproof materials making industry, filters making industry, etc. Whether you need hot melt or water based adhesives for bookbinding, edge banding, labeling, carton closing, paper bag or box making, medical products making, you can always count on us.

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