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Postfach 1138, 86917 Utting a. Ammersee
Andechser Str. 15, 86919 Utting a. Ammersee
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Our products

Product category: Fragrance varnishes

SCENTIFIC - let your ad make scents!

Using SCENTIFIC™, a great scented idea from Schubert International,
your advertising is guaranteed not to be a normal, smelly matter.

The specific technology of micro encapsulation enables lasting preservation of scent samples.
The essential oil so enclosed are applied directly with an overprint-varnish, minimizing printing
cost. Only by rubbing, the desired fragrance effect is achieved, and not one second earlier. This
process may be repeated as often as necessary. Just one agony which you will not be spared:
selecting your scent.


And just in case you cannot come to a decision from among our large range - just select several.
Well, if this is not a good smelling idea

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About us

Company details

Advertising using pleasant scents: since 1986.

Scent advertising has a name: SCENTIFIC™ from Schubert International. The company formed in 1986 with
its domicile in Utting and New York has developed a technology which has revolutionized advertising using
scents. Using SCENTIFIC™, it is possible to cost-effectively process scents in micro capsules using any
printing method.

The high quality of scent presentation offers an excellent opportunity to the cosmetics industry for
employing SCENTIFIC™ for their scented product samples. Besides this, we able to offer numerous
fragrances in the standard scent sector which are able to upgrade your advertising and turn it into
something very special .

We supply customers worldwide with our SCENTIFIC™ scent systems. All applications are based on
our encapsulation technology, which is characterized by high quality, scent presentation true to the original
and durability for years. When will we be able to prove our performance to you?

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