Katsura Roller Mfg. Co., Ltd.

5-3-13 Nakagawa Ikuno-ku, 544-0028 Osaka
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Our range of products

Product categories

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  • 06.01  Peripheral equipment
  • 06.01.345  Damping rollers

Our products

Product category: Damping rollers

Continuous dampening roller (High speed web presses and Sheetfed presses)

・Easy adjustment of water supply due to wide water width
・Minimal changes in dimension and hardness even by Vegetable-based inks
・Hardness: 20-30 Color: Purple

New W4
・Excellent hydrophilicity
・Long life
・Hardness: 20-30 Color: Dark green

・Excellent hydrophilicity
・Hardness: 20-40 Color: Blue

Avant W (Resin)
・Dual purpose (UV and Conventional inks)
・Long life and uniform film width
・Hardness: 20-30 Color: Dark green

・For UV ink and Oil-based ink
・Hardness: 25-30 Color: Purple

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Product category: Damping rollers

Molleton roller

・For conventional dampening system with damper covers.
・Resistant to dampening solution. Stable edges.
・Hardness: 20-30 Color: Brown

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Product category: Damping rollers

Ink roller for Newspaper web

・Smooth ink transfer
・Low heat build-up
・Minimal dimensional changes against Vegetable oil-based inks.
・Hardness: 25-60 Color: Dark blue

Sigma SOY
・Minimal dimensional changes against Soy-based inks and Non-aromatic inks.
・Low heat build-up
・Hardness: 25-40 Color: Orange

Sigma KING
・Minimal dimensional changes.
・Low heat build-up
・Hardness: 20-60 Color: Blue

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About us

Company details

Since 1899(year 32 of the Meiji era), our company, which began in Nishi-ku, Osaka, Japan, has continued for over a century.
We recognize our responsibility that we comply with the new and true demand and needs by the customers in this era when the environment covering the diversification by the informative media is intensively changing.

We have contributed the industry as a pioneer of Japan’s printing rubber rollers after developing SK-formula rubber roller (patented) in 1923.
We have dedicated our passion in developing the creative technologies and products, which have attained us the status of “Katsura technology” in our field.
We are supplying high functional rollers for printing and industrial use, rubber compounds for such rollers and printing related products.
Such rollers and “New Mol” dampening roller covers are widely used all over the world.
We, KATSURA, continue to respond precisely to the ever-changing demands with continuous research and development on most-advanced rollers such as heat, abrasion and solvent resistant features and environment-friendly printing supplies.

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