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  • 03.01  Bookbinding machines and print finishing machines
  • 03.01.420  Laminating machines

Our products

Product category: Laminating machines

Easy Thermal laminating machine (DRY)

For you who mostly work with digital sheet sizes, we designed EASY, the new compact industrial machine able to guarantee quality and high performance in compact dimensions.

Its small dimensions let EASY maintain remarkable performance and productivity, especially if equipped with double side lamination optional that allow to laminate your prints on both sides at the same time.

It’s compactness is our cutting – edge choice.
Thanks to this feature it is possible to install quickly EASY even in very small spaces, maintaining the qualitative standard of bigger machines.

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Product category: Laminating machines


Power and Productivity
For you who chose  to upgrade your laminating service to a higher level, determined to increase  your productivity and add a range of  new exclusive jobs that will make your product unique.
Evolution is the industrial laminating machine for  medium and long  runs at a considerable speed.

Productive and Flexible
By long runs Evolution will grant constant productivity at considerable speed without waste of time. Thanks to smart intuitive technologies expressly chosen for this model one operator is enough to run machine.

Exclusive enhanced products
Evolution will speed up and improve your finishing process. Thanks to this compact , productive and stable equipment you will dictate rhythm of your production . You will manage all the phases of your productive process inside and you will be 100% sure to get always top quality results.

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Product category: Laminating machines


Short start-up and guaranteed quality
For you who chose to add lamination to the jobs you have been already  providing to your customer .  You will save  your time without  renouncing to the quality and beauty of your product. Thanks to its compact dimensions and solid structure, Sprinter grants fine enhanced products optimizing the required space.

Simple but not obvious

Short times and easiness of use are important matters for your work.
Thanks to its high technical features Sprinter will grant in few steps speed of use and valuable enhancement.
Your operator work will improve thanks to several set up options, user friendly touch screen and short start up times.

Choosing the independence of laminating inside your company will allow to optimize your working team and get enhanced products according to your expectations and those of your customers

Our compact Sprinter will be the ideal solution to grant quick start up and high performances, either on short and long runs, thank to intuitive devices typical of offset printing presses and user friendly touch screen

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About us

Company details

For more than 40 years we are a reference point in the laminating market.
We manufacture industrial laminating machines from small to big size, DRY and WATER BASED
Valorizing your printing and optimizing your production are our goals: That is the reason why for more than 40 years, we design and manufacture compact, high technologically and easy to use laminating machines, maintaining the quality of MADE IN ITALY.

We are completely Italian company with more than 40 years of experience in finishing and graphic. Everything is done internally at our production site near Cremona by highly qualified staff. Designing, manufacturing, assembling and testing: we are integral manufacturers of our machines with years of experiences in finishing. We offer a complete service for spare parts and assistance that allows our customers to speak directly with whom designed and manufactured its machinery..

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