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  • 03  post press / converting / packaging
  • 03.01  Bookbinding machines and print finishing machines
  • 03.01.010  Cutting machines and cutting systems

Our products

Product category: Cutting machines and cutting systems

QZYK920DH-10 touch screen paper cutter

10-inch TFT color touch screen: This series of program-controlled computer display adopts 10-inch industrial man-machine interface. The main components of the computer are American industrial grade chips, multi-language operation interface, and equipped with electronic handwheels to make users more user-friendly. . It can realize self-diagnosis function and animation operation mode display. The programming capacity is up to 5000 groups, and each program group has 999 different positions of cutting data, and the data memory is stored for more than 300,000 hours, thus ensuring reliability and stability. The paper feeding motor adopts imported Japanese AC digital servo control system, the feeding speed is 6-20 meters, and the feeding positioning accuracy can reach 0.01 mm.

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Product category: Cutting machines and cutting systems

DP-A4055 round die cutting machine

  • The integrated DP-A4874 round die-cutting machine is a suitable equipment for off-line production. It is suitable for small batch and repeated production. It is flexible and easy to replace.
  • Through the flat-type paper feeder and positioning table, the paper enters the die-cutting unit, and the positioning accuracy of the paper-feeding direction can reach ±0.1mm
  • automatic paper feeding, automatic paper feeding, double sheet detection, chase mark alignment die cutting, automatic correction, automatic waste discharge and other functions

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Product category: Cutting machines and cutting systems

QZK1300CD-7 Paper Cutting Machine

  • Usage:Program Control Paper Cutting Machine is used to cut the printing paper of various kinds,paper products,plastic,thin film,leather,slice of non-ferrous metal,etc
  • COMPUTER:it adopts 8 inch color liquid crystal display screen,2000 groups programming capacity,each of them can store 999 cuttings' datum of different locations;0.01 mm position accurancy;six kinds of language;the working speed is 6-18m/min
  • Double Hydraulic Device: the hydraulic system adopts the Germany advanced technology. Equipped with combined hydraulic valve, double hydraulic controlling structure,it approves hydraulic device greatly.The hydraulic device pass CE certificate
  • Double Guide Device: the paper pusher adopts double imported linear guide and roller ball screw.,which can prolong the machine use life, and can bear the high speed paper delivering

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About us

Company details

At present, the company's independent research and development includes circular die cutting machine, S series double worm paper cutter, Y series double hydraulic paper cutter, C series hydraulic paper cutter, full hydraulic double guide small paper cutter, lift, unloader , paper machine, etc. Among them, the company's double worm paper cutter and full hydraulic paper cutter series and other products have won many national patent certifications. The main high-end computer program control series allows customers to enjoy automatic control.

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