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Product category: Printing forme producers

Indirect printing processes broaden the wide range of applications

New quality standard in pad printing
Pad printing is an indirect gravure process that transfers ink from the printing form cells via a conical or cylindrical silicone pad to surfaces of any shape. The range of possible applications is wider than ever – everything from tube and bottle closures, balls, toys, buttons, computer mice, domestic appli­ances, fittings, pens, and lighters to all kinds of promotional articles.

Polymer plates are now often used, but photoresist-coated steel plates are another option. This makes it easy to use one and the same CTP system – the Lüscher MultiDX! – which can image non­-rectangular printing plates, too. There are also rotary pad printing plates that allow direct structuring on Digilas systems from Schepers.

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Product category: Printing forme producers

Screen printing

Solutions for flat and rotary screens
Technical and industrial screen printing is a growing area of application. Ceramics, glass, textiles, panels, solar cells, PCBs, automotive parts, and an increasing number of smartphones, tablets, and displays are harnessing the benefits of screen printing such as high layer thicknesses, unproblematic inks, and printing of surfaces of any shape or texture. Heliograph offers attractive solutions for this market segment in particular.

The perfect solution is Lüscher’s versatile MultiDX! flatbed CTP system with 405 nm laser diodes that can image flat screen stencils. The table on which the pre-coated screens are fixed can be adapted to the specific shape and size of the frame. In addition to screens for flatbed machines, the MultiDX! can also produce stencils that subsequently undergo further processing to create round forms, such as Screeny ́s that were developed by Gallus for its narrow-­web label presses or Tec Screen from Kocher & Beck. Flat screens can also be imaged in Lüscher’s XPose! UV universal internal drum CTP system.

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Product category: Printing forme producers

Offset printing

Lüscher’s innovative solutions augment the Heliograph portfolio in many segments of the offset printing market. The universally configurable internal drum laser CTP systems in the XPose! series are available in up to XXL format. They come with either thermal laser diodes of 830nm for thermal offset plates or UV laser diode arrays of 405nm for conventional offset plates. Perfect imaging is also possible for the waterless offset plates used in conjunction with Lüscher technology for printing bank cards, customer cards, and other plastic cards, and for wet offset plates that are suitable for baking.

The laser head of XPose! internal drum CTP systems is ideally positioned immediately above the printing plate surface and is focused automatically for maximum precision. Easy handling of plates that vary greatly in size is also possible in this system, because they can be secured easily and effectively using pins and a vacuum. In addition, Heliograph offers a medium-­format external drum CTP system called XDrum! UV. When this system is incorporated in the Suprasetter platform from Heidelberg users can now also enjoy the benefits of UV diode laser imaging.

The crossover technology from Lüscher’s CTP systems also scores highly when it comes to printing security features using the offset method. The exceptionally high maximum resolution of 10,160 dpi in the XPose! and MultiDX! is ideal for microtext and hidden elements. This makes Lüscher’s solu­tions popular with service providers specializing in printing bank cards and similar counterfeit­-proof identity and functional cards. The high imaging resolution corresponds perfectly to the high-­resolu­tion waterless offset plates of Toray and Presstek. The ultra-­high resolution XPose! is also used to make plates for printing banknotes.

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About us

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 We supply prepress equipment and process technology
Seven complementary brands
Heliograph Holding is a decentralized, family owned network of dedicated manufacturers and  solu­tion providers whose combined expertise in printing form manufacture covers all the relevant printing methods. While belonging to a single group and sharing the same drive for innovation, all seven companies operate completely independently and autonomously. Nonetheless, Heliograph considers it extremely important for the respective portfolios to form an organic whole.

Customers benefit from the fact that all technologies are available in­house so that many choices are offered to the user. They also benefit from complete solutions, with Heliograph Holding overseeing and assuming central responsibility for projects. The individual areas of expertise of the Heliograph companies involved are clearly defined and complement each other perfectly. The seven compe­tence centers cover all market requirements – from packaging, decorative, textile and publication printing to container, can, cup, and tube printing as well as finishing and security applications, including in the electronics, glass, and automotive industries.
Solution provider and strategic investor in one
Since 2000, our network of companies has been developing around K.Walter, which was founded in 1906, and we have been trading as Heliograph Holding since 2009. For over 100 years we have been cultivating a positive, dynamic culture that is typical of a family run business – with an entrepreneurial spirit and quick decision making that enables a rapid response to individual customer requirements. Over this long period, we have grown through the development of innovative products and through the acquisition of numerous companies and shareholdings that all fit together perfectly, transforming us into a flexible, broad based supplier of customized solutions.

With this far sighted acquisition and investment policy, Heliograph has also positioned itself as a strategic investor. We are open to companies that are interested in boosting their own competitiveness and that of their customers by joining us. We consider it important for the companies integrated in our network to remain intact in terms of locations, workforce, brands, and well-known products.

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