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Product category: Doctor blades

Plastic Doctor Blade

What is Plastic Doctor Blade ?  Doctor blade system is employed in various printing and coating machines including printing,coating and laminating machines. This is because doctor blade system maintains superb control functions. At Fuji Shoko, we have been working toward the development of soft type doctor blades that are compatible to all of printing and coating processes. Here we introduce Plastic Doctor System created after conducting repeated material testing and investigations and reviews on the strength, adhesiveness, thickness, hardness, shape and costs.   We have a large selection of products and offer newly developed the Hi-PE and Hi-POM series in addition to the existing PET-S,PET-D and Hi-PET series. Select the best suited product for your individual needs.   Functions and Features
  • Softer than iron, and adhere tightly to cylinder, which prevent leaking ink from ink chambers.
  • Contribute to drastic wear reductions and extension of useful lives of components such as anilox rolls, gravure plates and coating cylinders.
  • A certain ink removal function is maintained during long run printing by taking advantage of excellent shape, softness and elasticity of blades.
  • Suitable for uniformly controlling the amount of flowing liquid such as water-based and solvent ink and coating materials.
  • Unlike Metal Doctors, they are easily handled as they resist rust.
  • They are safe to handle and prevent accidental injuries.
  • Ink and coating materials are easily washed up.
Physical and Chemical characteristics Plastic Doctors are well suitable for organic solvents and oils and fats and have a high degree of resistance to acid and slightly alkali solutions. However, they are deteriorated by strong alkali solutions. The rough relationships are listed in Table 1 below. Plastic Doctors have excellent heat resistance and can be stably used up to the following operational temperatures.
  • Hi-PET: Up to 150 degrees
  • Hi-PE: Up to 120 degrees
  • Hi-POM: Up to 140 degrees

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Product category: Doctor blades

Doctor Hi-Blade

Doctor Hi-Blade has been highly valued and used by our customer for many years.
Precision surface grinding is conducted by professional craftsmen to delicately create blades and various original and innovative ideas are incorporated by making good use of longstanding experience and knowhow.

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Product category: Doctor blades

Back-Up Doctor Blade

Back-Up Doctor Blade is an important component to make better use of Doctor Hi-Blade. A variety of sizes are available, so please choose the most suitable size for your needs.

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About us

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Fuji Shoko has been improving and developing safe and long-life doctor blades used for gravure printing machines, flexographic printing machines, pad-printing machines, and various coating machines. In the past, doctor blades did not last for a long time, and had problems such as dangers at the time of installation. In recent years, doctor blades of higher quality have been required in response to an increase in printing speed and a demand for environment-friendly water-based ink. That is the reason Fuji Shoko has developed the ceramic Doctor Hi-blade, the industry's first doctor blade with ceramic coating, and offers the product at an affordable price, thus contributing to the industry.

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