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Conveyor belts and tapes

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Product category: Conveyor belts and tapes

Machine tapes

Chiorino machine tapes are designed to offer excellent performances and total reliability in any conveying or folding application. According to the application, the machine tapes are available both with polyester or polyamide traction core, with highly resistant polyurethane or special elastomers.
The Chiorino machine tapes are successfully used in particular in the Paper & Printing industry, in the more sophisticated plants of primary International OEMs (Bielomatik, Ech-Will, Kba, Man Roland, Goss International, Harris, Heidelberg, Wifag, Mitsubishi, Müller Martini etc.).

BenefitsMaximum paper feeding precision
Optimal traction of any type of paper
Extremely high resistance to chemical agents
High resistance to abrasion
Reduced energy consumption
Excellent flexibility
Long-lasting service
 Fast Joint
Chiorino PT® thermoplastic machine tapes can be joined on site in a few minutes using Chiorino Fast Joint equipment:
no use of cements
minimum machine downtime.

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About us

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Chiorino Values

ResultsThe value of a company is represented not only by its size but also by the goals it sets for itself and is able to achieve.
Chiorino has always aimed high, trying to strengthen the results achieved and proposing new products tailor-made to the customer needs. Confronting new challenges and hitting increasingly ambitious targets requires synergy and collaboration between company departments, customers and suppliers. Chiorino’s philosophy is to enhance the valued contribution of all stakeholders - a successful business model in every aspect.
Chiorino’s aspiration is to be a dynamic company in constant growth, and a reliable partner whose mission is total customer satisfaction.
Innovative prospects, winning entrepreneurial choices and a top level production division have made Chiorino a world leader in the production of conveyor and transmission belts.

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