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  • 05.04.010  Decorative foils

Decorative foils

  • 05  materials
  • 05.04  Films / foils
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Foils, polyester (PET)

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Laminating foils

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Adhesive foils

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Embossing and laminating materials

Our products

Product category: Laminating foils

Laminating Film Materials

Including Printing & packing functional base film, Eco thermal laminating film, 3D Lenticular film, Laminating equipment, 3D picture, cultural creative, etc.

Full range of Environment-friendly Laminating Film
Full range of environment-friendly laminating film mainly includes two types: universal and functional laminating film, covering four major series and more than eighty kinds of environment-friendly laminating film products, BOPP, PET, Nylon, functional film included.

Universal pre-coating film:

It includes BOPP Light/Matt film, laminating film with color, PET Light/Matt film and other 60 kinds of products, widely used in laminating film in printing and packaging.

Functional pre-coating film:

It includes many kinds of functional film, such as, soft surface, cards, scratch resistance, viscosity, digital, metal wire drawing, metal flash, matte and clouds. It can meet the special needs for laminating film in the producing arts of printing and packaging. Different kinds of functional film will show different effects and texture. They can be used in special packaging, digital printing and advanced gift boxes and other advanced packaging products.

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Product category: Foils, polyester (PET)

Optoelectronic Materials

The Introduction of Optoelectronic Materials Business
KDX founded complete industry chain, full range of optical materials R&D and business group for Optoelectronic materials. Supply’s full range optical films; became the platform and R&D center of China advance high polymer materials; 10 core technology, more than 600 patents, near 900 kind of products, we have already became the total solution provider for high polymer materials.
The Whole Industry Chain for Optical Films
KDX is the world's largest optoelectronic material industry platform and has the only whole industry chain and the only full range with an annual output of 240 million square meters.

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Product category: Adhesive foils

Intelligent Display

The introduction of glasses-free 3D industry
Smart high definition glasses-free 3D industry
In the process of development of the glasses-free 3D technology, KDX realized the positive insight into the pain points of user experience of innovation and entrepreneurship and technological innovation in Internet era, and focused on the development and innovation of smart high definition glasses-free 3D display technology from the aspects of technology and content, etc. the 3D technology and the consumer experience are of revolutionary subversion and innovation.

KDX becomes the   holder of the  patent with a whole set of 3D technology.
Through  technology authorization and independent research and development,teaming up with Philips, holder of the  patent with a whole set of 3D technology and has more than 1000 patents and patents authorization with a unique technical strength and core competitive advantage.

Global 3D industry chain manufacturer
KDX has a number of processing technologies like optical design, ultra-precision mold processing, membrane forming technology, material development, universal cylindrical lens technology, 3D full lamination technology, 3D evaluation and measurement system, image interleaving software, eye tracking software and eye multi view software, etc..Is the producer for 3D whole industry china, and can provide the total solution for one stop glass free 3D products.

Industry ecological chain of internet +3D
Innovation drives development. KDX relies on its own core 3D technology beginning to force from two aspects of the glasses-free 3D image and  glasses-free 3D video,  and joins hands with the Oriental Vision to build the for the construction of Internet 3D content portals facing the application area including television, mobile phone, PAD and PC to create industry ecological chain of internet +3D,  Promote the development of 3D vision in new era.

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KDX is a global-leading supplier of high quality laminating products, our booth No: 8B D41

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