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Product category: Printing inks for sheet-fed offset


HD-VG is an innovation in environmentally responsible sheetfed ink technology that delivers superb lithographic performance and print quality with extremely low levels of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). It sets a new industry benchmark for green formulation technology using high percentages of bio-derived, renewable materials and is environmentally responsible technology for printers looking to operate a greener pressroom.

• Excellent printability on perfecting presses
• Highest print sharpness
• Very high-gloss
• Newest binder technology with optimized ink-water stability.            
• High process stability
• Very strong rub resistance
• Earth friendly

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Product category: Printing inks for sheet-fed offset


Well balanced in every aspect, it is a high quality sheet-fed ink designed to offer utmost ease of use.

Applicable to matte coated paper
Reinforces ink coat and enables use of matte coated paper.

High Gloss effects
Superior printability enables smooth gloss of excellent effects.

Rapid Setting and Drying
It dries very rapidly, offers excellent turnaround time and is suitable for stacking. These properties make it ideal for small scale printing on high-speed presses. Its excellent drying property allows it to be used with wide range of papers.

Excellent Ink-Water Balance
Its suitability to dampening water and emulsification has been strengthened to enable higher level of non-alcohol printing. It swiftly creates a stable printing condition.

Overnight Type
Besides the standard type that is designed with an emphasis on drying, ON (overnight) type, designed with an emphasis on workability is also available.

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Product category: Printing inks for sheet-fed offset


HD-ML is formulated based on advanced vehicle technology and developed with cost effectiveness in mind.
Being economical, HD-ML is suitable for a wide range of sheetfed offset presses. HD-ML runs well on various medium speed presses. It also shows good versatility on different types of paper stock, being most suitable on uncoated and mechanical papers.

•  Good color strength
•  Quick setting and good rub resistance
•  Glossy and fine dot reproduction
•  Balanced feature, both good on coated or uncoated paper

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About us

Company details

Haiyan Huada Ink Chemical Co., Ltd is a professional offset ink manufacturer in China with a history since 1996. Our main products are offset printing ink, UV ink and industry coatings.

Huada enviroment-friendy plant is located in the Haiyan city, 100 km away from Shanghai with a capacity of 3,000 tons of offset ink and 1,000 tons of UV ink annually. As a well known brand in China print industry, Huada ink is making a 10% average growth during the past 18 years.

 With a good reputation, Huada ink built up a strong supply chain, which provide suitable raw materials and new concepts to Huada’s artisans. Due to good products and reasonable price, a distribution network over 20 countries was found. 

 The pilosophy of our products designing is “purity but not simple; quality but not over functional”. Pursuing the origin of printing ink, with consider of envrioment-protect and energy efficiency.

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