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Our products

Product category: Standard light sources

Ultraviolet High Pressure Mercury Lamps

Product Description
It is used to solidify photosensitive inks in semiconductor industry, printed circuit board industry and electronic components industry. It is also popular in optic industry and photoelectric industry as well as UV conglutination industry. Provided with a master of this kind lamp, we can present you mass products.

Product Feature
Spectrum between 350nm and 450nm, with a chief wavelength at 365nm, more than 700 varieties and power between 100W and 25KW, widely used in the industries such as wooden floor, furniture, decoration, paper-printing, glazing, plastic daubing etc.

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Product category: Standard light sources

High Intensity Ultraviolet Halogen Lamps

Product Description
This kind of lamps increases the intensity of 365nm ultraviolet ray by Fe or Pb metal element, and is more sensitive and more effective than Ultraviolet High Pressure Mercury Lamps. Its power density is not less than 120 W/Cm.

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Product category: Standard light sources

Water Cooled Superhigh Pressure Capillary Mercury Lamps

Product Description
Spectrum between 313nm and 480nm, power between 1KW and 7KW, more than 30 varieties. The advantages of this kind of lamps are shorter arrearage time, larger power density and lower cooling temperature. It is widely applied to UV solidification, stencil exposuring and optic chemical action etc. It is able to be equipped to the exposure equipments of ORC from Japan, Qunxiang from Taiwan, Jianhao from Taiwan, Zhisheng from Taiwan, Dongfang from Baoding, Yijing from Sichuan and so on.

Additional, we provided quartz water jacket as well as accessories.

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About us

Company details

Our company BLUE SKY UV&IR Technology Development CO., LTD was set up in 1983.It’s a modern corporate enterprise specialing in the UV &IR design,manufacture and after-sale service and one- stop solutions for our consumers.

The market share of Blue Sky UV

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