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Our products

Product category: Pile turners

Manual Pile Turners

Manual turntable
Manual means that the turntable is rotated manually by hand force. Other motions of the pile is performed by hydraulics.
Individual controls
The operator controls the manual Pile Turners by pressing individual control buttons for each motion of the pile turner. The Aerating & Jogging Systems have individual controls for aeration intensity, jogging intensity and number of aerating laps etc. The settings are adjusted during operation for highest performance. The operator may leave the Pile Turner when the Aerating & Jogging Systems are running.
The Manual Pile Turner models may be combined with various options and upgrade possibilities.

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Product category: Pile turners

Semi Automatic Pile Turners

Motorised turntable
The Semi Automatic models are equipped with a motorised turntable for the convenience of the operator.

One single control - the Safeball
All operating sequences for turning, aerating and jogging are pre-programmed and the selected programs are executed with one single control, the Safeball. This hold-to-run device confirms the Semi Automatic models safety in operation.
"The job is done in less than 60 seconds!"
The Albo System Semi Automatic Pile Turners turn the pile by simultaneously clamping the platforms, tilting and rotating the turntable. This results in reduced cycle time and higher through-put.

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Product category: Pile turners

Fully Automatic Pile Turners

Albo System Fully Automatic Pile Turners are fully equipped and execute the job without the presence of an operator. Turning, aerating and jogging can be efficiently performed by just pressing the start button. The Pile Turner then executes one of the pre-programmed sequences for turning, aerating and jogging.

Albo System Fully Automatic Pile Turners are supplied with a protection fence and photocell safety system.

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About us

Company details

We Specialize In Pile Turners!
ALBO SYSTEM Sweden AB, designs and manufactures Pile Turners.
In the printing and packaging industries, our products are used for turning, aerating and aligning of piles of sheets made of paper, board and other materials.
Other industries use our products for pallet exchange and turning of goods in general.

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