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Product category: Workflow systems

tilia phoenix

Blazing Planning
Search across millions of combinations in minutes to find the most cost-effective layouts

Precise, Dynamic Imposition
Create print-ready layouts with ease using fine-grained item control and a rich set of dynamic marks.

Lights Out Automation
Integrate easily and seamlessly with your choice of platform and complementary technologies to achieve lights-out automation throughout your entire production workflow
Built from the ground up to cut costs, tilia Phoenix is a sophisticated open-API planning and imposition application that uses AI technology to improve efficiencies for print service providers in all sectors including packaging, labels, commercial, and wide format printing.

Phoenix Imposition AI takes an entirely different approach to common imposition solutions. Rather than template-driven, it operates according to machine and production requirements to generate print-ready layouts on-the-fly. It factors in parameters, such as job specifications, print devices, finishing requirements, and delivery considerations, to search across potentially millions of possibilities for the optimal layout. When a final option has been selected, tilia Phoenix generates print-ready layouts and JDF or die instructions, and reports, for all devices in the production chain.

Uniting planning and prepress functions, tilia Phoenix can be integrated into your chosen workflow or MIS system to enable fast accurate estimates, shrink prepress time, automate error-prone tasks, maximize media usage, and reduce postpress complexity.

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Product category: Workflow systems

tilia griffin

Super-High Speeds
Benefit from the power of the Phoenix Imposition AI engine via an ultra-responsive interface

Tight and True-Shape Nesting
Dynamically create the most cost-optimal, tightly-nested layouts – any shapes, any rotation in minutes

Foolproof and Futureproof
Pick it up and run with it in no time at all; choose modules, and upgrade as you grow

Open, Compatible, Vendor Neutral
Input any files, output to any device
Exclusively for large/wide format production requirements, tilia Griffin is a cross-platform solution designed to provide simplicity for printing and cutting. Offering the ability to search across millions of combinations in minutes to find the most cost-effective, tightly-nested layouts, it requires minimal training to be up and running...and profitable.

Feature-rich but designed for simplicity, tilia Griffin sports a modern ultra-responsive interface and intuitive design. Under the hood it leverages the power of Tilia Lab’s blazing fast Phoenix Imposition AI engine to help drive down substrate costs and increase throughput. Griffin is vendor neutral and designed to provide the same efficiencies with virtually all printing machines and cutting tables, dynamically creating true-shape tightly-nested layouts, intelligently tailored to the specifications of each individual device.

Available as a standalone desktop app or as an integrated module in leading complementary workflow solutions, such as Enfocus Switch and Fujifilm XMF, Griffin can deliver immediate benefits for any large-format print service provider struggling to meet deadlines or manage costs. It is also available as the award-winning tilia Griffin Pro app downloadable from the Enfocus Switch App Store.

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Product category: Workflow systems

tilia cloud

When systems communicate effectively, smarter cost-based decisions can be made in real-time.
Tilia Labs is revolutionizing the way the industry connects and manages data. Tilia Cloud is your platform for Industry 4.0.

Vendor agnostic and secure, tilia Cloud’s open framework provides a cloud-based IoT toolkit customized for printing and packaging. Gathering and storing data in real-time from connected devices and equipment and molding that data into meaningful information enables faster decisions and automated actions. Its fine-grained IAM (Identity and Access Management) service enables you to manage jobs, orders, resources, and digital assets securely from one place.

As with other Tilia Labs solutions, tilia Cloud provides open, comprehensive REST APIs to enable full business and process automation. Its real-time streaming API delivers live updates and collaboration across all connected clients. Using a modern microservices architecture and serverless technology, tilia Cloud scales horizontally to meet any demand. All microservices are multi-tenant aware and use secure, token-based authentication to provide safe integrations with virtually all private or hybrid cloud environments, eliminating any risk to existing integrations or processes.

Built for scalability, tilia Cloud is Enterprise Ready in every facet. Auto-scaling and automated backups provide security against any single-point of failure. User accounts can be created, and roles defined in detail, while policies can be specified and licenses accessed on any resource in the system anywhere in the world.

4.0 is about getting smart for efficiency, data integrity, and speed, services and equipment optimized for productivity, convenience, and cost. Tilia Cloud delivers all these benefits through real-time, automated communication backed by failsafe data security across a framework that expedites ongoing business improvements along the entire value chain. Joining the 4th Industrial Revolution might be much easier than you think.

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Rethink planning and imposition
Sophisticated planning and imposition for packaging, labels, commercial, and wide format.

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