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Our products

Product category: Sleeves


Anti-static plate holder sleeve for use with double-sided adhesive cushion tapes. Everstat is coated on the outer surface in special anti-static polyurethane with static load discharged by means of carbon fibre to guarantee resistivity under 1

Fibreglass base sleeve coated with layers of ultra-light polyurethane in variable thicknesses based on the final diameter; the outer coating in PU-Everstat is conductive.

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Product category: Sleeves


Plate holder sleeve for use with double-sided adhesive cushion tapes. The special formulation in PU Evergreen of the outer layer makes it ideal for flexographic printing applications with water based and solvent based inks.

Fibreglass base sleeve coated in layers of ultra-light polyurethane in variable thicknesses based on the final diameter; the outer coating in PU-Evergreen is not conductive.

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About us

Company details

Years of experience
The success of Rossini Spa has its roots in an inspiring tale of entrepreneurial endeavour. It is the story of a family-owned company that has continued to grow over the decades. A story of innovations that have left indelible marks on the development of printing.

The real strength of innovation
Innovation stems from the ability to observe the reality of a situation and then go beyond it. It takes the most qualified engineers, the most advanced equipment, and the resources and commitment to invest in continuous research and development. And behind all of this is the curiosity and desire to create something that didn't exist beforehand. The ability to observe the market reality and ask yourself what can be done to improve it; anticipating customer needs and developing solutions for problems even before they arise.

Research worthy of the name
Over the years, the Research and Development department of Rossini Spa has developed some of the most important innovations that have revolutionized the world of flexographic, rotogravure and offset printing. Cutting-edge solutions designed to improve performance efficiency, increase productivity and make the entire process safer and more effective. Ideas and innovative products that have led to an extraordinary array of international patents, developed entirely in-house.

Production technology and efficiency
Continuous in-depth analysis of actual market needs, together with the most advanced production techniques, have enabled Rossini Spa to introduce completely new materials and products, as well as cutting-edge solutions designed to speed up changeovers and improve the efficiency of printing machines.

quick service all over the world
For Rossini Spa, efficiency goes well beyond the undoubted quality of their products. Serving customers means first and foremost providing them with what they need as quickly as possible, wherever they might be. This explains why Rossini Spa decided to have a presence right at the heart of the various markets, with 8 production plants in Europe, America and Asia, an impressive network of commercial offices and a host of distribution partners in every part of the world, ensuring fast deliveries and prompt service.

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