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Our products

Product category: Box making machines

Paper Straw Making Machine

Product introduction:

Paper straw making machine is consist of paper feeding,gluing,winding,cutting,conveying and collecting.It is equipped with CNC multi-knife cutting system.The finished paper pipette can be cut on-line.It is suitable for 5-12mm diameter paper pipette.

1. The machine is controlled by PLC.The main machine is equipped with speed servo adjusting. The main-machine interface using touch screen control .The machine with simple setting and convenient operation.

2. The cutting part adopts servo multi-knife cutting system,servo motor synchronous tracking cutting, which with features of high accuracy, time-saving and efficient.

3. The main accessories are stainless steel to ensure the products are hygienic and environmental protection.

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Product category: Box making machines

Full Automatic Stereoscopic Clamshell Folding & Gluing Production Line

Project Goal

Through the technological breakthrough and bravely innovation,changing the current status from hand made to full automatic stereoscopic cigarette packaging by the unitary standard of box forming size,to realize the full automatic production progresses,increase the production capability,save-energy and reduce the labor cost,aiming to achieve the goal to enhance the products competitiveness.It's a revolutionize full automatic production line for box producing.

Key Technical

Full Automatic Stereoscopic Clamshell Folding & Gluing Production Line is an independently developed products by Magnolia.It's an equipment to realize the full automatic production for the stereoscopic clamshell cigarette packaging successfully,which breakthrough the difficulties in the progress of manufacturing the clamshell folding & gluing box packaging to achieve the functions of high accuracy positioning ,printing paper adhesion,finished collection.So as to realize the features of labor cost saving,production efficiency improvement,and become a high-tech equipment for the box dimension definition standard,which can be switched of different box sizes.  

Project Introduction

This production line integrates the mechanical and electrical into one,with simple operation and high automation .Fully reflects the principle of “people-oriented”.

Advanced functions as follows:

1.Automatic box border feeding,folding,positioning and gluing.

2.Automatic stamping,conveying,molding,assembling of upper and bottom box cover.

3.Automatic border cutting,box cover opening &closing,positioning.

4.Automatic gluing,printing paper adhesion and finished product collecting.

5.Adopting PLC and Human-machine operation interface as electrical control for the whole equipment,to realize the visual automatic control.

6.Functional high-speed automatic production,easy operation and maintenance.

7.For having unique patented invention to ensure product quality and yield is guaranteed.

8.Advanced automatic product collection,neatly of collecting,convenient of loading and unloading.

9.Mold is optional to be customized and disassembling convenient.

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Product category: Box making machines

Ink-jet Platform

Project Introduction

To satisfy the requirements of high registration accuracy,high production efficiency,elegant appearance, Guangdong Magnolia Packing Machinery Co., Ltd. has developed a brand new two-dimensional code/ QR code PM -104 Ink-jet Platform , which is applicable for massive ink jet printing with high speed and high precision.

The PM -104 Ink-jet Platform is compatible to the nozzles of different brands. It is suitable for the production of two-dimensional code/ QR code, production date, barcodes and verification code of different types of packaging products.

Technical Features

1. The substrate is separated by high-speed feeder; front lay and pull lay are used at the tail end of the feeding board to ensure the front edge of substrate is parallel to the arrangement of nozzles.

2. Gripper system controlled paper transmission is adopted. The substrate is delivered from the paper transmission roller to the ink jet roller through the gripper system.

3. The ink jet roller is of double diameter and bigger curvature radius, which makes it suitable for various types of substrate.

4. In order to avoid damage to the nozzle caused by paper drifting when the paper is leaving the nozzle, two negative-pressure suction areas are designed inside the ink jet roller. The negative-pressure areas can be adjusted according to the paper width to ensure the tail end of paper is absorbed closely to the roller surface. In addition, on the roller surface, there are circumferentially-arranged rubber wheels to guarantee that the substrate is controlled during the ink jet printing process.

5. The nozzle can be adjusted freely according to coding arrangement.

6. In case of any problem during the paper delivery, the ink jet holder will rise automatically to avoid damage to the nozzle and guarantee efficient running of the nozzle.

7. Non-stop paper receiver is adopted; UV lamp is optioned if needed.

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About us

Company details

Time flies.

Magnolia persists in the company concept of “Innovation Lead to Victory, Cooperation Contribute to Success”.Magnolia became a multi-functional enterprise from a small machine factory starting bare-handed which covers a range of Researching and Developing for varies kinds of printing equipment, providing the professional integrated solution to customers according to their specific requirements.

Magnolia is committed to providing the post-press technology and equipment with features of Environmental protection, Security, Engery saving, High efficiency, Novel and Low cost for the pacakging and printing industry. In the consolidation of product quality and continuous innovation, improve product intelligence, automation and adaptability, to maximize meet the different needs of customers.

Magnolia is hering to express the most heartfelt thanks to our customers both at home and abroad,who has been trusted to support us over the years, and your every cooperation and communications have let us harvest the most valuable comments and suggestions.

Now, we are standing on the times corner and will continue to uphold the strict responsible working style and better service to customers, to greet a brighter future of printing industry.

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