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Electrostatic auxiliary systems

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Product category: Electrostatic auxiliary systems


In almost all industrial production processes there are many different materials that rub against each other. Individual sheets of paper or foil are directed over guide rollers, plastic pellets are sent through pipelines, cardboard packaging is punched. The strength of the static charge depends on many factors, like material pairing, process speed, surface texture, humidity, surrounding temperature, ink density,etc..

With over 40 years of experience in electrostatic discharge, we have the right system to eliminate disturbances in your production processes.

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Product category: Electrostatic auxiliary systems


The discharge of materials in ATEX zones places special demands on discharge components.

We also have a suitable product portfolio in order to best support you in this zones.


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Product category: Electrostatic auxiliary systems

Electrostatic Charge

The targeted charge of materials in many industrial sectors can actually make the processing of materials easier or make it possible in the first place.

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About us

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Social commitment is very important for us!
The aid association „Wir helfen Kindern e.V. – Eine Initiative von Alexander Bürkle“ introduces itself:

The young generation of today is our future. But children and young people do not always have the chance to receive comprehensive support and develop their talents. It is our responsibility to promote facilities where public agencies are not enough. Since 1998, our association Wir helfen Kindern e.V. has been supporting projects for disadvantaged children in our region.

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Dekra ISO 9001:2015
Certified Company. Approved by DEKRA.


This signifies tested product safety according to Euopean norms


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