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  • 05.06.070  Flexographic printing inks – Water-based

Our products

Product category: Flexographic printing inks – Water-based

Ink for Exercise Notebook & Paper Stationery

Syntron Industries Pvt. Ltd. developed “PRINTRON” range of water base ink for various kind of applications for flexo ruling. These inks have found favour in the market and have replaced in flexo printing or Ruling Machines and Automatic Book Production Lines for all paper stationery products like exercise books, spiral notebooks, pads, loose-leaf filler papers etc.

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Product category: Flexographic printing inks – Water-based

Salt Free Liquid Dyes

Highly Substantive, Anionic, Direct Dyes, Specially Developed for the Paper Industry.

They are Particularly Suitable for Dyeing Paper and Board in the stock and at the size press.

Advantages of PAPTRON Liquid Dyes:

  • High affinity, giving high color yield, clear backwaters and the possibility of adding the dyes late in the stock flow system.
  • The liquid dyes are particularly suitable for continuous addition.
  • Good Bleedfastness.
  • Brighter Shades.

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Product category: Flexographic printing inks – Water-based

Water Base Paint

Pigmatron CDR and Pigmatron PT are water base easily dispersible Pigment dispersions with high light fast and stable in alkaline pH in Powder and liquid form for the construction Industries applications. The major construction applications are as under,

Concrete Colouring :
Pigmatron CDR should be added along with Concrete mixture as per shade requirement before blending.

Mortar Colouring :
Pigmatron CDR should be added with Mortar mixture as per the shade requirement before blending.

Putty applications :
Pigmatron PT added in to White Cement base Putty OR in Gypsum OR in Synthetic water base Putty for plaster applications.

Emulsion Paint :
Pigmatron PT added to water base polymer emulsions for paint applications

Pavers Making :
Pigmatron CDR useful in mixture colour pavers and added either in the mixture of Pavers raw material mixture or surface applications.

Industrial Flouring :
Pigmatron CDR can be used in the concreate flouring either used with concrete or with finishing white cement and Pigmatron CDR with TRIMIX finishing.

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Established in 1978, Syntron Industries Pvt. Ltd. as a humble beginnings as an eminent manufacturer and supplier of Textile Auxiliaries. After decades of constant evolution, dedication and up gradation, Syntron Industries Pvt. Ltd. has established itself as an innovative manufacturer of textile auxiliaries. We provide the most advanced chemicals, speciality auxiliaries and dyes across myriad industries from Agrochemicals, pharmaceuticals & chemical, to textile, paper detergent industries and more.

With a state of the art technological laboratory and a highly qualified team of experts to develop other fields of applications such as inks, pigment dispersions , paper dyes, paper auxiliaries and surfactants. Syntron chose to take the next step and launched "Printron". A specialty range of inks, pigment dispersions, paper dyes, surfactants and auxiliaries.

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