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Adam Page

Head of Reports and Consultancy
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Founded in 1925, Smithers is a multinational provider of testing, consulting, information, and compliance services. Renowned for their services across the print, paper and packaging industries, they deliver over 65 reports and 50 events every year to provide clients with an independent global source of in-depth market, technical, and business information.

With a worldwide network of industry experts, their market reports, consultancy, events, and membership services provide customers with practical and cost-effective solutions to unique challenges for companies in a range of industries, while giving them the confidence to make better decisions, faster.

The Smithers market research methodology blends deep secondary and primary research across an unrivalled industry network, using the Delphi technique. Experts from each industry research, write and peer review every report, providing you with trusted market data, providing the most credible and timely market research report, with actionable insights based on extensive databases and technical expertise. Smithers also provide extensive material science engineering, environmental risk and quality assessment testing services from product development stage through to ultimate service environment.

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