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Product category: Stacking devices for folding carton blanks

CSi packaging Stacker: Create perfect stacks of blanks at up to 500 m/min (1600 ft/min)

Fully automate your web-fed blank stacking processes. Imagine a system fully flexible to setup automatically for short runs, while still having the ability to run up to 500 m/min (1600 ft/min). The CSi packaging technique of separating stack batches in the elevator ensures perfect stacks, allowing for full stack handling automation downstream. Vacuum Transfer Section: Gently handles each blank as it departs the Rotary Die Cutter or Stripping Drum of a Platen Cutter. This transfer ensures that blanks are perfectly straight exiting the die/stripper, as well as eliminating the need to adjust the gap between the exit point of die/stripper and the askew. Perfect stacks require 100% blank control. This system achieves that.

  • From 2 to 10 across
  • Speeds up to 500 m/min (1600 ft/min)
  • Stack heights 150mm (6”) (Manual takeoff) to 750mm (30”) facilitating downstream stack handling automation
  • Perfectly aligned stacks thanks to the unique CSi jogging system
  • Suitable for handling a wide variety of blank types
  • Short change-over time
  • Batch divider in stack elevator
  • Jogging plates automatic adjustable in the Cross Direction (CD)
  • No need for accumulation (collator) section
  • Full and Safe Access and easy maintenance of all areas
  • Small footprint

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Product category: Stacking devices for folding carton blanks

i-Loader feeder, Boost your gluer capacity

CSi packaging can fully automate your folder gluer feeding processes. Load stacks into your folder gluer directly from a conveyor, or even unload stacks from pallets!

  • Increase the capacity of your folder gluer up to 15%
  • Load directly into the existing hopper or onto a feeding belt
  • Use the face up – face down function
  • Re-align stacks before placing stacks into the hopper
  • Innovative stack handling
  • Folder Gluer loading
  • Sheet Handling for standard slip sheets (intermediate sheets) during stack unloading from pallets
  • Perfect realignment of stacks ensures Folder Gluer uptime

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Product category: Stacking devices for folding carton blanks

i-Pack; Automated case packing with up to 10% greater cartons per case!

Pack folded and glued cartons into cases. This system can be programmed to pack as much as 10% more packages in a case at the highest speeds and highest quality. Optimum opening case fluff and carton opening force can be achieved.

  • Receives packages from the folder gluer in 1 single lane
  • Shingle belt directs packages to the stacker
  • Exact carton quantities are controlled and set as batches in a vertical stacker
  • Stacks of perfect count are then picked by a robot, and inserted into the case
  • Optimal case alignment is achieved with no blank position error
  • Eliminates downstream staffing required to check/fix case load
  • Accurate carton count
  • Fully automated solution, including empty case infeed and set up
  • Can handle a wide variety of product
  • Short change -over time

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About us

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CSi packaging; Innovative post press automation.

With a background of 30 years of leading technology in the industry, we deliver state-of-the-art solutions for stacking, stack handling, feeding, packing and palletizing of your blanks and finished products. We take care of your complete post press automation in a way that will surprise you!

  •  You want to increase your factory output?
  •  You want to decrease your costs?
  •  You want higher efficiency and optimal machine speeds?
We are the world leader for stacking your blanks after they have been released from the web. CSi packaging will create perfect stacks and transfer them to your downstream processes.

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50-99 Mio US $

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