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Equipment for the pre-treatment of substrates

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Product category: Equipment for the pre-treatment of substrates


Solutions for blown films surface treatment
IEEC’s RFI Corona Treatment System is a perfect solution to all problems related to surface treatment for blown films. The rigid mechanical structure ensures absolute uniform air gap across the web width, ensuring perfect treatment levels at all times. The system is available in segmented as well as fixed type electrode structure.


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Product category: Equipment for the pre-treatment of substrates


Increasing surface tension of substrates through advanced technology
The process of increasing Surface Tension (dynes/cm) of a substrate by exposing it to an Atmospheric Plasma Flame is called Atmospheric Plasma Treatment. Non-contaminated, refrigerated dry, moisture free, and oil-free compressed air is passed through High Voltage at High Frequency. Air molecules get ionized and air reaches fourth stage of matter (Plasma), creating Atmospheric Plasma.

This treatment works on a simple principle that the Ion and the electron mixed in the Plasma Zone run against each other in High Speed on the surface of the material. This eliminates foreign matter (dust etc.) and helps the functional coating radical to stick on the surface. This process helps achieve a rinsing effect and Hydrophilic effect on the surface – resulting in increased Surface Tension.
The advanced technology of atmospheric plasma is accurate and accepted worldwide. A Plasma Flame is generated by using compressed natural air instead of other gases, making it an economical procedure. It is also far more superior and an ultimate replacement for the Hazardous and inefficient LPG Flame Treaters.

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Product category: Equipment for the pre-treatment of substrates


IEEC is proud to introduce the PLASMASTRA 3D+, which is the latest innovation in the world of SURFACE TREATMENT. As at present Corona Treatment is meant for the treatment of films, foils or paper...but the PLASMASTRA 30+ targets all 30 solid objects for corona treatment.

This System is capable of treating Solid 30 objects of any site and form. IEEC PLASMASTRA 3D+ has the maximum face width of 90 mm, which treats larger surface area For example the system can treat a printing area of 90 mm in a single stroke, thereby saving energy and time thus resulting in cost saving. According to the need of application the system can be offered with a choice for face width of 30 mm, 60 mm, & 90mm.

In the past as also presently Flame treatment is used which requires one to monitor some parameters like air fuel ratio, distance between the flame and surface etc. If one of these go wrong then there are chances of the product being less or not treated or deformed. Also the flame treaters are expensive to run as they need CNG as fuel also the process may produce poisonous gases when the Plastic Objects are Flame Treated, there is a potential Hazard to the people working around.

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Pioneering innovative surface treatment, surface activation and automation solutions
IEEC (Industrial Electronics Equipment Corporation) is a leading supplier of Electronic Process Control Equipment, and developer of quality Corona & Plasma Treatment systems, Automation Solutions and Moving Band Pinning Systems for BoPET films.

Registered in 1969 in Mumbai, formerly known as PBJ – Industrial Electronics Pvt Ltd, IEEC is a fully-indigenous organisation that caters to Indian and International clients seeking specialized equipment in Extrusion, Converting and Surface Pre-treatment applications. Backed by intensive Research & Development and excellent after-sales service, we deliver upon our vision to achieve total customer satisfaction by continually improving our products and services.

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