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Product categories

  • 01  prepress / print
  • 01.15  Printing machines and systems for special printing applications
  • 01.15.035  Printing machines for printed electronics

Printing machines for printed electronics

  • 01  prepress / print
  • 01.15  Printing machines and systems for special printing applications
  • 01.15.065  Foil printing machines

Foil printing machines

  • 01  prepress / print
  • 01.15  Printing machines and systems for special printing applications
  • 01.15.080  Laboratory printing machines

Laboratory printing machines

  • 06  equipment / services / infrastructure
  • 06.01  Peripheral equipment
  • 06.01.170  Coating units

Coating units

  • 06  equipment / services / infrastructure
  • 06.01  Peripheral equipment
  • 06.01.250  Dryers

Our products

Product category: Laboratory printing machines

Thin Film Coater/Printer

Ultra-precise Sheet-to-Sheet piece good coating and printing:
The Thin Film Coater/Printer can print and coat in a single pass.

The Thin Film Coater/Printer is an ultra-precise laboratory machine for piece goods. The Thin Film Coater/Printer, combines a slot die coater with various printing processes such as gravure or flexo printing. This allows complete products to be processed in the display, OLED or sensor sector without moving the substrate

The precision adjustment and positioning of the application systems, is servo-motor-driven, which ensures a high level of precision and reproducibility of the test parameters.

In addition to the possibility of creating layers in the nanometre range, the Siemens S7 plant controller enables easy scalability for production processes.

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Product category: Dryers

Dryers & crosslinking systems

Perfect drying ensures high quality for coating or print processes.

Demanding quality requirements for coatings and innovative substrates require precisely defined and controlled temperatures and dwell times for optimum drying and curing. Many traditional dryer designs do not meet these requirements. Coatema has developed new methods for precise temperature and air guidance. Coatema dryers are tailored to the relevant coating and conveying system for speed, tensile strength and tensioning. This process must be reproducible from day to day and batch to batch.

Coatema’s patented air nozzle system for the air dryers are critical for quality drying in many applications. In the Coatema Moduldry (see the illustration on the right), this system ensures even, controlled airflow and temperature guidance across the entire width and length of the section at all points in the drying duct. As the name implies the Moduldry has a modular design. The Moduldry is available in an EEx design. The Coatema Moduldry can be heated with thermal oil, electrically or with gas.

As an ATH Group company, Coatema can now integrate the special flotation dryer by sister company Drytec and optimise it for the many applications.

Crosslinking (chemically joining two or more molecules) of adhesive and other materials using UV-LEDs is also possible in the Moduldry. Inert UV systems with a working width of up to 2,800 mm are available.

Many drying and curing systems are available at our R&D centre and can be used for diverse product developments.

 We offer the following dryers:

  • Hot air, electrical, thermal oil heated and gas heated
  • Infrared
  • UV systems
  • NIR systems
  • Flotation dryers
  • Multi-zone dryers
  • Photonic drying systems

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Product category: Laboratory printing machines


The versatile Roll-to-Roll laboratory platform for printing, coating and laminating:
Quick adjustment of modular coating systems.

The Smartcoater is a unique laboratory machinery that can reproduce complex processes in a vary compact form. The Smartcoater is suitable for experienced users and newcomers to coating, printing and laminating technologies.
With working widths up to 300 mm, standardised assemblies and a modular layout the Smartcoater is a fast, cost-effective laboratory or small pilot production tool.

The Smartcoater can delivery complex products with a minimal use of substrates and chemicals and a short setup time.
More than thirty modular coating and printing systems can be quickly and easily mounted. Technologies including inkjet can be exchanged using a Plug&Play system and any number of 1,000 mm dryer systems can be used. From electrically heatable dryers, NIR and infrared to UV-crosslinked systems, the Smartcoater can be fitted with the systems of your choice.
Both wet and dry lamination can be used and corona pre-treatment, web cleaning and systems for web edge control can be integrated.
Precise tension regulation, in the single-digit newton range, can be maintained using measuring rollers. Accurate start-up curves allow the use of very thin or tension-sensitive materials.

A wide range of options and equipment possibilities allow our customers to configure their optimum plant configuration.
In a standard version for technology newcomers the Smartcoater can be fitted with a 5-in-1 coating system.
The Smartcoater, like all Coatema laboratory systems and pilot machines, can be tested at the Coatema R&D centre in Dormagen, Germany.

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About us

Company details

COATEMA Coating Machinery GmbH
For more than 40 years the innovative equipment manufacturer from Germany provides flexible and efficient one-stop-shop solutions for coating, printing and laminating. Our business strategy and value proposition has been focused on innovations for growing markets with new coating technologies requirements, such as printed electronics, sustainable packaging, membranes, renewables and medicine. Our product portfolio covers the full range from tabletop solution up to production lines. In our 1200 sqm R&D center our customers can perform basic research, process development and the production of pilot and small production quantities, using 13 different machine platforms with over 20 application systems. 

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