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Our products

Product category: Web cleaning systems

Vertical machine for washing large photopolymers

The LCV 30S and 40S cliché cleaning machines by ACE have been designed to allow the perfect cleaning of large polymer plates, placed vertically.
The machines have been designed to reduce the overall dimensions of the washing system, and prepared to accept polymers with size up to 1,700 mm in height to 2,200 mm in length (LCV-30S) and 2,100 mm in height to 2,800 mm in length (LCV-40S).
The support surface of photopolymersis divided into two halves to allow for the optimum cleaning even of small-sized clichés.
The LCV range machines by ACE feature a polycarbonate folded door access system, designed to make easier the insertion of even the largest polymers. 

  • Cliché drying system
  • Wastewater recirculation system complete with filtration

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Product category: Web cleaning systems

Dedusting system for creasing-cutting machines

Specifically designed for Cutting-Creasing units of corrugating lines, the ACE DM6000 system is a dust collector that operates on both sides of the sliding material. 

In these production lines the dust generated by the longitudinal cut is added to the paper dust that the reel itself creates in the unwinding phase, and the elimination of these particles requires a powerful intervention that is guaranteed by the ACE DM6000 dedusting system. An antistatic londual BB bar at low voltage and high efficiency at the input of the unit frees the particles to be removed. Immediately after, within the HC24 cleaning head, powerful combined flows of air blown (with air knives) and sucked successfully remove the totality of the free dust.

The SPB91-A2 filtering unit which generates the air blown and sucked flows, it is also equipped with a series of self-cleaning filters through which the dusts are captured
and subsequently deposited into a collection tray.

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Product category: Web cleaning systems

Dedusting system for Corrugators

In corrugating machines the comes next to the Cutting-Creasing machines is the cross cutter. In this section, the strips resulting from the longitudinal cutting of the parent reel are reduced into sheets. It is no longer therefore to eliminate the dust from a reel, but from sheets. Thanks to the dedusting system ACE COR-TR28 model, each individual sheet is completely freed from the paper dust generated by cutting. 

The system consists usually of two cleaning heads, an upper and a lower one, placed one after the other. These special heads are equipped with a 24V low voltage anti-static bar with high efficiency, to eliminate the electrostatic bond that retains the impurities on the surface of the cardboard. Inside the head are placed suction channels for high volumes of air, and a special rotating brush fitted with bristles specially designed to intercept any type of contaminant. The aerodynamics and combined mechanical action makes it possible to completely remove any remaining dust.

The plant is completed by high-capacity filtering units, accompanied by appropriate ducting of rigid pipes and prepared ad hoc for each type of installation.

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About us

Company details

International company, now point of reference for the manufacturers of process machines, both with regard to electrostatic systems and more and more for dedusting systems, now the benchmark for express performance and safety.

The second generation stably leads the company. It was able to transform ACE in a reference point for OEMs in the graphics industry and not only, in fact, the range of ACE products also covers various sectors, such as the closest Tissue and non-woven fabric ones and the more distant such as the medical. All, however, have in common the need to eliminate dust from the production process in an effective and safe way for the materials being processed.

ACE is now looking to the international market as a protagonist, in 2016 began the process of expanding into the Chinese market with the decision to open a service centre and spare parts warehouse in Shanghai, operation became real at the beginning of 2017.

The development program, ambitious but actual, also provides for the opening to the US market, starting in 2017 with the same method, that is a localized service centre and spare parts warehouse. These developments are strongly desired to achieve the goal of meeting the increasingly close partnerships with machine manufacturers and this will be reflected automatically in an important presence for even our end customer satisfaction.

The ACE policies are certainly a great support also to its worldwide sales network which makes use of agents and professional dealers in many countries.

The satisfaction of the needs expressed by customers is the focus of ACE, ready with its network of agents and technicians to follow the customer and provide assistance around the world. Respect for the environment and workers’ health are very important factors for the R&D department of ACE in the preparation of new products and projects, in order to continually increase our eco-compatibility.

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