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Inspection and test systems

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Quality inspection systems

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Etch depth measuring devices

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  • 06.02  Measuring and testing engineering
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Our products

Product category: Anilox roll measurement devices

Flexo Control 3D Plus

Sibress FlexoControl 3D Plus is the only flexographic measuring device in the world that simultaneously captures the surface as well as the lower areas of grid points and their base from the side. Two cameras record the surface and flanks of the grid points, whereby the side camera can detect the entire visible area thanks to a newly developed method. The new aperture control of the side camera additionally permits the exact adjustment to the lighting or the requirements of different plate materials and grids. Both functions together make it possible to show every point in the image in razor sharp resolution, to display the finest details and ensure a high level of measurement accuracy.

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Product category: Anilox roll measurement devices

Flexo Control Universal From Mask / Film to Print - all under Control!

The Flexo Control Universal is designed for quality control of screen areas, individual printing dots, lines, and barcodes on finished flexo plates, imaged LAMS flexo plates, steel-backed letterpress plates, offset plates, and elastomer flexo plates.

Flexo Control Universal measures AM screens from 23 to 85/cm on flexo and offset plates as well as FM screens with at least 20 µm dots.

The system achieves less than ±0.5% repeatability in all modes.

The instrument additionally measures the dots and coverage values of color prints with AM, FM, or hybrid screens on paper, carton, and film.

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Product category: Inspection and test systems

Sibress SIS: Ultra compact digital measuring microscope equipped with a powerful software tool.

Perfectly suited for quality assurance, analysis of production parameters or diagnosing a defect or a complaint. Which simple tool is available if the smallest details of printed dots need to be judged and discussed and they are hardly visible to the human eye? What if the parties involved are in different places around the world and they need to communicate this matter on objective basis? And if it necessary to store and retrieve the commonly discussed points this is valid for all, whether it is in the Flexo, package printing, in the field of safety and security printing or just in the general applications of any other industry. The answer to these questions is the new combination of the digital measuring microscope and the Sibress SIS software with its build in calibration function.

Small in form, large in its possibilities
With the new system, Sibress, based in Starnberg, Germany, remains faithful to its philosophy to develop and market easy to use, compact, high quality measuring instruments.

Due to its compact size (big as a fist) the small instrument, powered by 2 AA batteries, can be carried anywhere. With its build in 2 inch colour monitor images become visible independent from a PC. Saved images can be transferred to the PC either via an SD card or via USB cable. 

The SIS software analyses printed dots fully automatically. Results are shown in Dot% area,
Lines/cm or Lines/inch. A wide range of manual measurement functions is build in to support the user to get a correct result. Due to the calibration of the instrument results are repeatable,

The ruler shows distances in µm, angles in degree and length in distance. Images can be stored and retrieved. This clever device shows details of multi color print formats or the smallest particles on paper, cardboard, metals and flexible or rigid plastic materials at the PC monitor quickly and clearly visible. For even greater functionality, the software offers a comprehensive set of measuring tools, with functions to measure the diameter and distance of printed dots. The software runs under Windows 32 and 64 Bit.

The new digital microscope, equipped with a CMOS sensor and a powerful optical system allows an enlargement of 3 and 35 times to make images in full color mode.

High power, white LED’s illuminate an area of 12x 10mm or 1,3x1,8mm, depending on the magnification. The camera resolution can be switched between VGA, 1.3MB and 2MB.

The camera is designed to be calibrated in the 1.3MB mode to show correct repeatable results.

The new Sibress SIS facilitates local independent communication and co-operation.

The new Sibress SIS improves communication and helps sales, service, and technical personnel provide better answers to more quickly satisfy customers’ needs.  Quality control staff can make good use of the image marking functions to illustrate product defects and create standard operating procedures to improve quality.  Images are easily stored or transmitted via internet connection.

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About us

Company details

SIBRESS and its higly specialised developer team was founded in Brixen, Southtirol, Italy.

More than twenty years experience in the graphic industry enable us to develop instruments for the printing industry. Constant discussions with you, the market specialists enable us to permanently develop new ideas for products  for the printing industry. We are always open for new ideas coming from you.

We have a motto that says:
Products are always good for an ongoing development.

We are member:
Deutschsprachiger Flexodruck Fachverband e.V.

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