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Printing machines for printing on non-flat substrates

Our products

Product category: Printing machines for printing on non-flat substrates

Floating gaphics

Floating Graphics licensed technology permits to realize bi-dimensional and three-dimensional emblems and to personalize them with very eye-catching 3D deepness, scrolling and changing effects.

The hundreds of different finishes, the wide range of possible colors, the texture, embossing and debossing possible effects, succeed on giving the Floating Graphics emblems a look not possible in similar technologies. The range of used materials, can also vary from the very cheap to the more performing, thanks to it Floating Graphics finds its market of in both indoor and outdoor applications.

The emblems are flexible and can be sewed or applied by pressure-sensitive or heat-transfer adhesives.

Thanks to its unicity Floating Graphics is a safe system to produce trademarks. Actually it is impossible to reproduce the background of a Floating Graphics badge with any other technology.

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Product category: Printing machines for printing on non-flat substrates


Ecodomes: superior finishing and great chrome effects for badging.

Ecodomes is a forefront globally patented and licensed technology in the Badging market, which permits to realize three-dimensional and flexible emblems, badges and labels, of incomparable beauty and elegance through to simple and complex contour shapes. The unique materials and the patented production process granted Ecodomes system to be massively present in the Automotive and Household markets.

Today, Ecodomes, is a reality, synonymous of quality versatility and innovation.

Furthermore, the name Ecodomes highlights how simple and ecologic the overall application is: the whole production process does not involve the use of any solvent or resin.

Creativity and versatility
Highly eye-catching chromed effect, superior to every other existing technology.
No limitation for finishes, textures and possible color combination.
Possibility of realizing emblems for pressure sensitive adhesive or thermo adhesive applications.
Emblems with different profiles and/or finishes by means of the same toolings.
Emblems with different hardness by means of the same toolings.
Wide range of possible raw materials for the best fitting to the end user requirements.
Quick and cheap prototyping.

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Product category: Printing machines for printing on non-flat substrates


TEXFLEX is the new challenge accepted by Color-Dec in the field of the Fashion industry. The patented and licensed system permits the realization and application of emblems, logos and badges of esteemed value and of a really fine detailed resolution with no equal. The possibility of obtaining innumerable finishes and color combinations also gives the system the necessary ductility required by the continuous enquiries of the Fashion market.

TEXFLEX excels against embroidered, PVC or silicon emblems competitions for its superior fine details, for the hundreds of possible metallic effects and for its proved resistance to industrial washings and dry cleanings.
TEXFLEX emblems are manufactured with high quality materials in order to give a long-lasting and stable finishing, also giving protection against migration of dyes from the substrates on which they are applied.

Moreover, all the system is PVC-free, in order to comply with the markets that requires its absence.
TEXFLEX is also synonymous of novelty and is actually in production for a lots of different projects of the most popular Brand names in the Fashion market, as well as in the Public uniforms.

COLOR-DEC ITALY offers its customers the following services:
Equipment realization
Raw materials supply
Know-how transfer
On-site technical assistance
Practical and technical training in a production plant
Prototyping and service for realization of finished emblems

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About us

Company details

Integrated solutions and services for the production of badging.
Color-Dec has been a world-wide point of reference for more than 30 years for technologies related to the production of emblems, badges and brands, granting the on-site equipments installation, followed by the necessary start-up activities, the training of the operators and the relative transfer of know-how, in order to obtain the optimum level of productivity.

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