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Laminating machines

Our products

Product category: Laminating machines

Junior 36

JUNIOR is a series of machines for top-quality lamination at the most affordable price. The machines are designed for professional use, that is why their design is based on the requirement for industry quality of lamination. The key components, e.g. the laminating unit, used in these machines are similar to those in our higher level machines – robust design, a metallic laminating roll with accurate temperature control and a rubber pressure roll do guarantee high-quality output. Process economies are achieved in the level of auxiliary process automation, such as manual sheet feeding and separation of sheets using a manually adjustable mechanical snapping unit.

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Product category: Laminating machines

Amiga 52

The concept of the AMIGA laminator series is driven by the “USER FRIENDLY” philosophy – that is why they are characterised by easy operation, short preparation times and processing of many orders that are small in volume. Therefore, the machine is suitable for digital printing shops as well as copy centres. The design of the machine guarantees fast and easy adjustment. This is matched with the parameters of the loader with air blowers and software, which, for example, offers to save the current machine settings in its memory for later orders with the same parameters. The intuitive controls of the Amiga laminator series mean that it can be operated by literally anyone.

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Product category: Laminating machines

Delta 52

DELTA laminator series are highly sophisticated machines, designed to process even the most demanding of orders. The machine’s design and technology of its components allow for high precision of a wide variety of parameters required in highly specific orders. Experienced operators can use the Delta to laminate anything, even outside the machine’s guaranteed technical parameters. The Delta series are machines for medium-class industrial lamination; they are suitable also for 24/7 applications.

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About us

Company details

Komfi spol. s r.o. grew from a small design office into a world-class company within a few years. We currently employ approximately 200 people in 4 production shops. We take pride in operating a high-quality technical and technological background with many years of experience in the design and development of single-purpose machines. The strong position of the company is also promoted by its economical stability, investment in development, as well as effective diversification of the product portfolio. Apart from high-quality services, our partner offer includes a fair approach, professional attitude and customised solutions that address any individual needs. Visit the References section to see how our current partners enjoy doing.

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