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  • 03.01  Bookbinding machines and print finishing machines
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Used machinery dealers

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Research and development

Our products

Product category: Hot foil stamping machines

Hot foil stamping machines RF 82 and RF 90

The hot foil stamping machine in round-flat-technology for highest quality requirements
The hot foil stamping machine in round-flat-technology offers you clear benefits: It gives you more stamping quality and more efficiency by innovative foil feed, more performance and efficiency due to newly developed foil reel bins, more accuracy due to height-adjustable form bed and more productivity through non-tool quick changeover feature of mounting plate. Through the precise fitting of the mounting plate, re-adjusting of the stamping dies is redundant.

More stamping quality and more operating efficiency due to new foil feed
The stamping foils are conveyed through spm steuer’s RF 82 and RF 90 with new methods: Directly after the nip, the foil is led off sharply upwards. This has two benefits:

Higher quality: Due to the fact that after the application, the foil webs are led off sharply upwards, they are not permanently exposed to the heat of the stamping dies. Therefore, they are less pre-activated. Consequently, when using specific foil qualities, an improvement of the stamping result and an increase in performance is achieved.

Easy handling: The foil feed provides optimum access to the stamping form, which makes it possible to re-adjust the stamping dies without any interference by the foil. For easy feed of a new foil web, the machine can be driven to a specific web feed position.

More performance and efficiency due to newly developed foil reel bins
With their newly designed foil reel bins, the RF 82 and RF 90 provide various benefits. Two of them are:

Full speed through brake: Sounds paradox, but when taking a closer look, it makes sense. The newly developed foil brake allows adjustment of the foil web tension during machine operation. This makes machine stops for re-adjusting the tension of the foil webs mostly redundant.

Unrestricted utilization of foil reel bins: Foil rolls with a diameter of up to 125 mm with the RF 82 and 150 mm with the RF 90 can be used without restrictions at any position of the foil reel bin. The widths are 800 mm with the RF 82 and 880 mm with the RF 90. The individual rolls are separated from one another by separation discs of only 2 mm thickness.

Pressure adjustment virtually as quick as a wink through height-adjustable form bed
With many other stamping machines using the cylinder principle, stamping is quite an affair. A miscalculation means reajusting, re-fitting and re-setting quite a few things. The RF 82 and RF 90 stick to the base, because they shift the adjustment of the nip to the form bed. The height-adjustable form bed means saving time and at the same time continuous quality:

Extreme reduction of setup time: A once fixed and set cylinder packing does not have to be change when requiring more of less pressure. The nip is adjusted to the pressure requirements through simple, fast and precise lifting or lowering of the form bed.

Cutting edge precision: Because the packing and thus the cylinder diameter remains unchanged when adjusting the pressure, there are no changes in print lengths and register. The 1/100 scale of the display allows optimum pressure adjustment.

Higher productivity due to non-tool quick changeover feature of mounting plate
The stamping dies of the RF 82 and RF 90 are mounted on a mounting plate, which is fixed precisely in the machine without using any tools. This also has two important benefits:

Less setup time: You can easily pull out the mounting plate. No tools are required to take out or switch the mounting plate. Fixing and unlocking the tool mounting plate is easily done via quick clamps.

Higher accuracy: Through the precise fitting of the mounting plate, possible registration inaccuracies are prevented. In most cases, re-adjusting of the stamping dies is redundant.

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Product category: Used machinery dealers

Second-hand printing machines

When buying a second-hand printing machine of spm steuer, you receive an almost new printing machine at a very attractive price. It is our promise to deliver top quality – this is guaranteed by our professional revision.

We have a large selection of second-hand printing machines, ranging from one- to eight-color printing machine as well as finishing presses.

You would like to buy a second-hand printing machine without investing a fortune? Then we are sure, our check-machine is the right one for you. This machine is offered either partially overhauled, checked or as function-tested “as is” machine – depending on you individual requirements.

Our second-hand printing machine offers
Heidelberg Speedmaster SM 74-4

Data sheet
Reference number SZ8414
Machine type Heidelberg Speedmaster SM 74-4
Manufacturer Heidelberg
Designation Speedmaster SM 74-4
Year of manufacture 2010
Sheet size 530 x 740 mm
Available as of 11/2020
Equipped with Prinect Press Center Autoplate Alcolor Axis Control Wash-up device ( under Heidelberg Service Contract)

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Product category: Research and development


You are looking for a reliable partner, who is responsive to your spefic requirements? We take the time to listen carefully, we adapt ourselves to your individual needs and offer you highest product quality, reliability and adherence to delivery schedules.

This is why spm steuer offers you an extensive and, above all, sustainable package of different performance ranges. We focus on four main points:

Besides development of hot foil stamping machines at the highest quality level and their individual adaption to your requirements, service quality and supply of spare parts is very important for us – this is the basis for a sustainable, successfull partnership.

Due to our in house development and manufacturing in Germany, we guarantee the high quality of our machines. Not incidentally, our technical innovations have made us the trailmaker in our sector of business.

Our full service comprises installation, instruction, spare parts supply, service also of hot foil stamping machines in round-flat and rotary principle, factory moves, retrofits, upgrades, a.s.o.
All assignments are carried out very accurately by our own qualified service team with long-term experience.

No matter how individual your new hot foil stamping machine is – we are prepared to adapt to your requirements and wishes just as individually. New hot foil stamping machine is adapted to your needs in detail – the solid basis for your and our mutual success.

Spare parts
A sustainable partnership with spm steuer gives you the security you need – for this reason, we dispose of an extensive spare parts stock. In order that the jobs on your hot foil stamping or printing machine continue running without interruption and in due time – this is our promise!

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About us

Company details

The name Steuer has been standing for high tech in the hot foil stamping machine sector as well as dealing with second-hand printing machines for more than 40 years. We guarantee the quality of our machines by our in house development and manufacturing in the high tech region around Stuttgart.  Our technical innovations such as the rotary principle in hot foil stamping, but also the extraordinarily high quality of our hot foil stamping cylinders have made us the trailmaker of our sector of business.

For more than 40 years, the name Steuer has been reknown as a successful medium-size family run company in Leinfelden-Echterdingen. Inventors such as Bosch, Benz, Daimler, Dornier, Hirth, König, Bauer, Hohner and Zeppelin found good, qualified technicians and mechanics in the southwest of Germany, with which they were able to implement their ideas. Besides large enterprises, a considerable amount of medium-size companies, which raised the quality concept to their elementary principle, were founded in this region. One of these companies was Messrs. Steuer. The location of the companies head office in Leinfelden-Echterdingen near Stuttgart was not chosen incidentally.

Already in 1973, Armin Steuer and his wife began dealing with second-hand printing machinery under the company name “Steuer GmbH Grafische Maschinen”.
In the middle of the 1980s, the first hot foil stamping machine in round-flat technology was developed and built.
1995: The first rotary hot foil stamping machine was presented with great success to an interested audience at the drupa.

In 2004, spm steuer gmbh & co. kg was founded and in 2014, we celebrated our 10th anniversary.
In the meantime, more than 20 employees work every day to be at your service. On 5.000 square meters of production, storage and office space, hot foil stamping and printing machines of the highest quality are offered to customers throughout the world.

Due to our worldwide presence, we have a widespread network on all continents of the world. Our cooperations and partnerships make a continuing optimizing and expansion of our range of products possible. High quality with the best international standard is the basis for all our hot foil stamping and printing machines, both for the commercial and the security range.
This is the reason why printing shops, converters and high security companies throughout the world rely on us as a fair, reliable partner.

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