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Unwinding units

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Reel splicers, autopasters

Our products

Product category: Rewinding units

Automatic Rewinds and Turret Rewinds

Martin offers a range of rewinds that automatically transfer the running web from a full roll to an empty core without stopping or slowing the line. From the LR and LRD winders, which automatically unload finished rolls; to the versatile RMAP, capable of winding rolls of film, paper, nonwovens and paperboard; to the TR shaftless or shafted turret rewind, Martin rewinds feature many performance and operator features for roll to roll applications. If you don't see quite what you're looking for, please contact us to discuss your specific needs. We invite you to put our resources to work for you.

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Product category: Web guides

Tension Control Systems

Web tension upsets between a roll and the process may be caused by braking of the running roll, splicing action, acceleration of the new roll after splicing, and out-of-roundness or imbalance in the roll. A dancer system using the principle of inertia compensation effectively absorbs tension upsets and delivers constant web tension to the process. Inertia compensation is achieved by engineering the system components to balance the translational (up and down dancer motion) and rotational (rotating dancer motion) inertias. Martin Automatic applies this patented principle in all our tension control and splicing equipment. 

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Product category: Unwinding units

CPL Post-Press Decurler

A web may need to be decurled for two reasons: one, to remove curl that has been wound into the roll (sometimes called "roll set"); or two, to remove curl that has been caused or magnified by the process. Martin makes two kinds of decurlers: pre-press (or pre-process) and post-press. A pre-press decurler is located before the printing units and is intended to help remove roll set. Pre-press decurlers typically follow the diameter of the unwinding roll, automatically providing proportionally greater decurling as the roll diameter decreases. They may use drag-bar or rolling elements, depending on the substrate. Martin supplies pre-press decurlers as either free-standing units or integrated into other equipment. Martin's post-press model is located after the process and is designed to provide an essentially flat web to a sheeter or diecutter.

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About us

Company details

High performance splicing, rewinding and tension control systems. Martin Automatic is best known for its extensive line of narrow and wide web automatic splicing unwinds, automatic transfer rewinds, festoons and tension control systems for use with flexographic, offset, and gravure presses and laminator, converting and disposable hygienic processes. Clean, reliable, efficient design and ease of use are trademarks of Martin equipment. Martin Automatic will demonstrate its MBS automatic butt splicer with integrated turnbar and LRD automatic rewinder at stand 3D53. An idler roller demonstration unit will show the benefits of Martin’s carbon fiber Airnertia™ technology. Martin’s splice sample closet will feature substrates including film, foil, paperboard, label, shrink sleeve, paper, nonwoven, fiberglass, Tyvek, filter media, building materials and other challenging webs. Hochleistungs Nonstop-Abwickler, -Aufwickler und Bahnspannungs-Regelung. Martin Automatic Inc ist bekannt für ein umfangreiches Portfolio an vollautomatischen Aufwicklern, Abwicklern, Bahnspeichern und Bahnspannungsregelungssystemen. Die Produktpalette reicht von Schmalbahn-Anwendungen mit großen Bahnbreiten. Martin Automatic unterstützt Kunden aus den Bereichen Flexodruck und Rollenoffset, Beschichtung, Kaschierung, Stanztechnik und Hygieneartikelherstellung. Übersichtliches, zuverlässiges und effizientes Design sowie eine benutzerfreundliche Bedienung sind das Markenzeichen der Martin-Maschinen. Martin Automatic zeigt am Stand 3D53 einen automatischen MBS-Spleisser mit integrierter Umlenkung sowie einen Nonstop LRD-Aufwickler. Bei der Vorführung von verschiedenen Leitwalzen können Sie die Vorteile der patentierten Airnertia™- Kohlefaser-Technologie selbst erleben. Im Klebestellen-Musterdisplay finden Sie Bespiele der vielseitigen Einsatzmöglichkeiten: Folie, Papier und Karton, Etiketten, Shrink-Sleeve, Vlies, Glasfaser, Tyvek, Filtersubstrat, Baumaterialien und viele weitere anspruchsvolle Materialien.

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